the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


2. cancer

Megan and Harry hated the fact that they had to face cancer and beat it together! Megan kept on having panick attacks when everyone talked about the future, what it holds and how the kids would cope. To see if anything changed the sent a firework up every night to see the stars bright up, Megan believed that the stars would light up and show how she would have left to live! 

Each night crowds would appear outside the palace to look at the stars and see how long she would live. 

Getting on with the Cancer harry decided to say something,

What are we going to tell the kid's when you are gone!

I don't know just leave it we need to get on for a while before it comes to the goodbyes I just hope they don't find out from the public-me

Well you'll have to tell them!-harry

Look I will through a video, I'll do that when my stars shrink-m

You can't you need to say your goodbyes!-h

No I know whats best so take a leaf out of my book because they will be left down to you when I'm in my grave-m

Don't think like that you have forever-h

Only if I can I fight back cancer harry-m

No you will-h

Just leave me alone for a bit harry I need to think-me


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