the fault in my stars

Megan struggles through her life when she is diagnosed with cancer, she has two children and a husband who's the prince, future king of england! They don't know what the future holds but will Megan survive!
The follow on from Louis & I


4. back home

After the sad royal goodbyes at Buckingham palace I arrived at Manchester in style, not just in the royce and real designer shoes but in helicopter as well. 

Knock! Knock! The door slightly creecked as Ellie opened up!

Oh my god!-e


What ya doing here-e

No I'm just-m

Look I've heard about the cancer-e

Yeah will that's what I need to tell you about-m

Okay then go ahead-e

I've only got 8 weeks to live never will make it to the kids birthdays or even mine and Harry's anniversary-m

Oh god.-e

Look I'm going out maybe for the night I need to go and have a look at my house, just have the kids please there's a travel cot in that bag there just pull it out and you've got it sis! -m

Okay now go-e


First stop my place! As I walked upstairs the were noises coming from my bedroom, I opened the door only to find Louis on the bed! 

Your mum said you were coming!- Louis said on the bed

I was speechless rose petals on my bed and candles all bordering the room!! 


Shhhhhh- he said as he pulled me closer

No I can't Louis Im married-m


Oh go on then but just this once-m

His hands pulled me closer as us two kissed in the bedroom! Just as he took me to the bed I pulled away and said no sorry I can't its just that I've got kids. 

Look I understand!-l

I got dressed and ran out of my house, I ran all the way to Ellie's been as I had been out for a while. 

As I walked through the door my two kids were sat in there jogger twin pram a side of the sofa, I was wondering what were going on. As soon as I noticed that noises were coming from the bedroom I clicked on to think that Ellie was up to mischief. I walked up the stairs and opened her bedroom door, 


Oh my god!_e

Look- h

I took no notice that my husband had been having sex behind my back with my so called off, I decided to run off! I ended up back at Louis.

You came back?!-L

Yeah why did I leave love alone!-m

Because your stupid-l


Should I get the bedroom done again-l

Go on harry has been caught red handed with ellie-m


Yep now what is keeping ya-m

Oh I love that sexy tone-l


Why don't we take it to the sofa instead hey!-l

Good idea-m

Us two were thrilled on the couch!!!

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