If Only You Knew...

"but..well you should see him behind closed doors!"


2. What do we think?

Emma's POV

Okay, so tonight i am spending it with my close girly friends; we all get along so well, but got when hell breaks loose then you know to run. We all are very strong minded and never give up the fight when we put our mind to it.

You could say we are all similar; I mean, we like the same things and dislike the same things, but the only think that is different is our views on music; some of us like pop where some like heavy metal; it's just the way we are.

I guess you could say I enjoy all types of genres; if I like the sound of something then I do I guess; it's what ever is catchy and what ever I like the sound too.

"Omg! Let's watch this, I heard that they are doing so many interviews tonight; they would not even tell you whose on here!" Shouted Ellie who gets absolutely excited over everything and anything - she's one of those girls you either love or you hate; simple. I guess I've been around her for so long, I'm just use to her; where as some may see her as annoying.

Finally, after talking about how we may see the 'dreamy celebrities' and listen to the latest gossip, we finally all agreed...well, to be honest, it's not as if we had a choice. It was either watch it, or leave...and believe me; leaving wasn't really an option. She's like the group leader, she will not back down from anything...not once her mind is set.

"ONE DIRECTIONNNN" is what we heard as soon as we tuned in, I guess that's the first set of celebs we will be hearing from - trust me, I like some of there songs, but they all just don't do it for me. Come on, 'best song ever' really? Can you be any more vain? I wonder if they actually picked that; I mean, seriously? They are getting older now...my 5 year old cousin could pick a better song title than that.

The girls seem to like them; well some...

A group of us hate these boys...but well, you guessed it..Ellie likes these guys, there is no way we could get out of it now. Little miss bossy boots have put her foot down.

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