If Only You Knew...

"but..well you should see him behind closed doors!"


1. Getting to know each other...


One direction is seen as this international pop group, who are dominating the public with their 'sensational' voices and 'charming' looks. But in all due respects, do we know the really One Direction? Are they who they say they are? Are they just selfish boys who just want money and fame? Or are they as they come across? Nice friendly boys with loving personalities?

Everyone knows who the group consists of; but how do they come across? Well let's just have a look shall we:

Harry Styles - The boy who loves his fans and cherishes them; without them he wouldn't have his confidence! He's the boy who is known for his 'head of curls' and his 'luscious green eyes'; he's the boy girls tend to dream over.

Louis Tomlinson - The kind and caring boy with the craze of carrots; the carrot king I guess people would describe him as. As well as being famous due to being in the boy band, he is also well known for his little bromance with the band member Harry Styles.

Zayn Malik - The boy is all about looks; he is the type of person who cares more about his appearance than anything else; he likes to be seen as the boy with 'perfect hair' or 'great fashion sense'. He is also the 'bad boy' of the group; coming across as if he has this dark side that nobody knows about.

Liam Payne - The daddy; Liam will always be seen as the more mature band member, who cares a lot about each and everyone of the boys; not treating them any differently to one another, as if he doesn't actually have a favourite.

Niall Horan - The boy obsessed with food in everyone's eyes; everyone may see him as the the most childish, as if he have not quite grown up yet; he may be famous but right now he is still one big child at heart; the boy who just doesn't want to grow up yet.

The Interview

Liam's POV

"Okay boys, last interview of the day now; let's crack this and get going" - sometimes I just need to demand these boys to do stuff other wise nothing is ever done.

Everyone thinks that being famous is great fun, but looking after 4 boys? I know it wasn't part of my job description but somebody has to do it. I could let them get away with murder if I wanted to, but sometimes enough is enough and what's got to be done have got to; no questioning that.

"Okay, so everyone knows what they got to do? Answer all questions asked with what they want to hear! Don't let them know anything that they shouldn't! Remember, we are the big pop group that everyone believes is cute and innocent!" - I say with a harsh but reassuring tone of voice; I mean come on, you got to remind them and but it out there clearly otherwise they just won't listen and will ruin us!

"Okay dad" Harry joked back; god this boy best not ruin this. Everyone else giggled but become serious when they finally responded with a yes.

No-ones POV

"Okay, now here we have it, the number one pop group on this planet...ONE DIRECTION!" The interviewer screamed as if she was more excited to see the boys than the thousands of other fans out there.

The boys came running out, with huge smiles on there face; first Liam, then Harry, Louis, Zayn who was then followed by Niall. As the boys sat down the interview started with questions flying around.

"Whose single in the group?"

"Whose your favourite band member?"

"Who gets the most girls?"

The interviewer just went on and on, and the boys tried there best to tell and respond to these answers without actually giving to much away to ruin there reputation.

Niall's POV

I hate not being able to be myself, I mean come on, the whole whose single? It's like I have to hide who I am? I cannot even be seen out with a girl, just incase she's not famous and is then seen as my girlfriend; I guess...it's just the price you have to pay.

I feel like sometimes I cannot even go to Liam; you know, we all have to obey what he says, he may seem as the big father who cares, but..well you should see him behind closed doors!

I noticed I started daydreaming while I was thinking to myself, that wasn't until I heard Liam whisper something into my ear and nudged my arm, which caused me to panic.

Liam's POV

"Goodbye guys, hope to see you lot soon! Have fun on your tour and congratulations on your new album; well that's all we have time for, tune in tomorrow for some more gossip about another well known celebrity" - this interviewer just seemed to want to talk and talk, I swear I could have spoke about all my past life events and she still would have not stopped talking.

I got to give it to them! The boys tonight we're well behaved; not one of them messed it up, well Niall had a moment where he daydreamed...maybe we need words.

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