Daydreamer Love

Annabith had a horrible childhood. She was adopted. She lives in a small town with lots of French people. She's always daydreaming. She meets a boy named Cory. And she falls in love. She daydreams about him all the time. Even when she's with him.


4. Chapter 4.

BWhen I go home all I think about is Cory. And our kiss. It was perfect, also my first kiss! It was probably the perfect kiss you can get, for your first time. Of course I daydream about us, I daydream until I fall asleep. And what do I dream about? Him. When I wake up, you can tell I'm happy. I put on a bright yellow,v-neck t-shirt, and skinny jeans. It's kinda cold in Louisiana right now. I put on my Ugg's my mom bought me. I curl my hair and put on make up. I usually don't wear a lot of make up. But I put on more than usual. I think Cory will like it, it's the same amount I put on this weekend for the project. 


When I get to school I don't see Cory. I don't see him at lunch or science. I never got his number. But in science when I teacher asks for our project I tell her Cory has it. But because she's an old bitch, she doesn't believe me, tomorrow I can bring it in. I can't call him. Great I'm gonna fail science. But that's not my biggest worry. But where is Cory.


The next day he isn't there. Or the rest of the week. And I got in F in science. But on Monday the next day, he comes up to my locker stands over me and kisses my forehead. I giggle.

"Good morning, Anna," he says with a smile.

"Hey, where have you been?" I ask.

"Texas, where I used to live."


"Well that's where my grandparent's live and we were visiting them. Even though we moved her two weeks ago. But my grandma's having heart problems, and she's in the hospital," he says and looks away. At least he knows his real grandparents. 

"It's okay," I tell him and hug him. Changing the subject I add, "When did you go to school in Texas? I use to live in Texas."

"Umm, Land View Area School." I gasp. I use to go to school there. I don't remember anyone named Cory. Maybe he moved there after I left. "What?" he asks.

"Nothing it's just that, I used to go there. How long have you been there?" I ask still in shock.

He just laughs, "I know you did. And all my life." I can't believe I didn't know him.

"I'm so sorry but I didn't know you went there."
He laughs again, "Yeah you never really paid attention to me. I was always that kid who sat there in silence. I understand. After you left I dated Lauren in eight grade. But she broke up with me after three months." 

"Oh now I know who you are I never knew your name. I thought you looked familiar." I say smiling and laughing. I feel so embarrassed. He went to my school and I didn't even know. 

"Why did you leave anyway? I remember cops at your house taking away your parents and other people taking you away, and you weren't resisting them."

"Oh umm that," I say looking at my feat. "We got in a fight and they k-kinda a-a-bused m-me."

Cory wraps me in a hug, and I let tears fall. "I didn't know," he whispers in my ear.

"I know," I whisper back. "You should go so your not late to class." And I go out of his hug.

"You gonna be okay?" I nod and he walks to class. I run to the bathroom.

My makeup is smeared. I wipe it off with my sleeve. I go to my locker to get my makeup kit. I keep it in there for swimming. Because today I have swimming in gym, so I brung makeup to put on later.


Once my makeup's on I head to class.

"You need a late pass Ms.Harris," my american literature teacher, Mr.Daines says. I go up to the office and I stop when i see a new student. 
It's Lauren




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