Did I know I would sell myself? No. They said it was just a job... Just a job...


7. Signed, 5






Right now I am laying in bed Harry just dropped me off but I can't sleep.


You're mine...

You're signed...


The words kept repeating in my head over... and over again...



Right now it was the next morning and today I am going to meet the rest of the guys they all know about it...

So I guess I don't have to fake anything at least.


''Hey you ready t go?'' Harry asked walking through the door.

Right now I was making breakfast for myself.


''Yeah I am already dressed I am just making....'' I said until I realized

''How the fuck did you get in!?'' I asked Harry sort of mad

He then showed me the keys he was holding in his hand I guess were for my house?

''Don't look so confused make us breakfast and let's go'' Harry said plopping down on one of the chairs and getting on his phone

''Yeah my breakfast not yours...'' I said sitting down with a plate filled with 2 pancakes

''And thank you...'' Harry said stealing my plate and spitting on it before I could steal it back

''Guess you don't want it back now...'' Harry said smirking

''No thank you I will eat a freaking apple then...'' I said annoyed getting up and walking towards the plate filled with oranges apple's and banana's.

''How about you drop the apple and also drop a few pounds...'' Harry said looking at me with no emotion on his face

Okay wauw jerk alert...

''Harry I don't see your six pack...'' I said proud lifting my shirt up and showing my toned abs they weren't like manly but just right

''Oh you sure...'' He said standing up and lifting up his shirt

''Still got more'' I said smirking

He then got closer and started to touch my abs then he got to my neck and started to give me kisses there.

Why was I enjoying this so much?

He then slowly moved his hand on my boob and one squeezing my butt.

''That's just a taste of the consequences...'' He said whispering in my ear and walking away leaving me there 

''Get you're bag and come to my car'' He said walking away

That fucking dushbag I hate him why is he doing this to me!?

But you like it...

Don't fight something you like...

''Shut up...'' I whispered to myself

I then did my hair again straightened my clothes walked to Harry's black range rover.


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