Did I know I would sell myself? No. They said it was just a job... Just a job...


6. Signed, 4

When I walked into the house it was… breath taken everywhere you looked were art pieces.


The house was really pretty furnished, and beautiful lights were hanging from the sealing.


‘’Shut your mouth you might catch flies’’ He said laughing a little and shaking his head

That’s when I realized I was staring at everything with my mouth open.


Well sorry but I am not used to all this class


‘’Bet you aren’t’’ He screamed from the kitchen probably drinking a glass of water or something


Shit I was thinking out loud again…


‘Yes you were’’ He said to me again




I entered the kitchen and they were not kidding about the food thing it was FILLED! Everywhere you looked was food food and food wow maybe I would actually like this?


‘’So when are you gonna leave?’’ I asked I sort of wanted him to leave so I could explore on myself

‘’Okay okay don’t you want a tour though…?’’ He asked me walking towards the door

‘’No thank you’’ I said pushing him out of the door and slamming the door in his face

‘’One more thing’’ He said from outside the door

‘’What?'’ I asked

‘’Your new car’’ He said and I could hear him holding up keys… Wait I get a new car?!


‘’A new car?’’ I asked while opening the door again

‘’Go look in the garage’’ He said smirking

‘’Okay bye see you tomorrow’’ I said slamming the door again in his face


This went from the sort of worst day to the best well sort of…


The next morning I woke up in my new house! AH still can't believe I get to call this mine the sun was shinning I could hear the birds outside cheer ping and there was dawn in front of my window it probably rained last night that's why


''Be ready at 8 were going to a club that's how we will start a rumor-Harry'' I read the text as soon as I grabbed my phone it was from an unknown number but then I read the name and I knew it was Harry


I saved his number into my phone and went to go have breakfast and a shower




''So why are we going again?'' I asked when we were sitting in Harry black range rover driving to a club

''So we can start a rumor about us, damn you already forgot?'' He said giving me a cocky look

Oh well if he's gonna play it like that

''And what you probably already forgot the name of the last girl you banged'' I said to him crossing my arm and leaning back into my seat

''Her name was Paula thank you very much'' He said smirking at me

Ugh I don't need to know about your sex life!

​''Shut it Styles'' I said glaring at him

''Okay Polet'' He said smirking

''Listen were in now private call me by my real name and if your gonna be a dick just drive me home'' I said starring out of the window

''Uh uh uh contract you listen to me'' He said smirking again damn doesn't he know any other facial expression?

''Uh uh uh fuck you'' I said mocking him

''Now now don't be so feisty'' He said pulling up at the club

This boy!

As we stepped out there were camera's everywhere like I am not even kidding they were annoying me to be honest

​Damn was this his life? Wait Dafuq!? I was showing emotion towards him? HAHA

''Smile for the camera'' Harry whispered in my ear so only I could hear and putted his arm around my waist pulling me closer

''Harry who is this girl you're with!?'' A guy screamed with a buzz cut and wrinkled all over his old face

''Harry what's the name of the girl you're dating!?'' Another guy with blonde curls said he was around 30

''Are you dating!?'' A lady with a low ponytail threw at us

We walked past them ignoring all their questions which I am happy with they were annoying me...

''Good job but remember don't answer their questions, and then I will answer them you answer nothing got that?'' He said sternly and kind of scaring me

He was so much more taller then me and he was over mastering me I was sort of scared at this point and I just nodded

''Good'' He said smirking

''Now let's dance'' He said pulling me to the dance floor

He started to pull me closer to him closing the gap between us and he started to grind on me

I just stood their uncomfortable not really sure of what to do

''We need to get you a drink'' Harry said pulling me to the bar

''6 Shots'' He said to the bar tender who had a smirk on his face when he saw me, he looked kind of creepy he had too much gel in his hair and it was pushed back

''Sure thing'' He said still looking towards me Harry didn't seem to mind but then again I am his fake girlfriend so yeah

''Here you go'' He said placing them in front of me and winking

​''Thanks...'' I said awkward 

''Don't flirt with her man she's not interested and she's with me'' Harry finally spoke up after taking 1 shot 

The man held his hands up and went to help another person with their order, while he walked away he gave me one last smirk and left

Which made my nose cringe

''Some people ey...'' Harry said taking his second shot

''Take one'' He said referring to the shots in front of me

I toke one, two and then three all after each other

''Wow doesn't that burn taking them so fast?' Harry asked me

''I am going to clubs everyday, and I take a few shots then so you get used to it'' I said and then I asked for 2 more shots

''Well well...'' Harry said smirking and licking his lips

Shortly after the creepy bar tender handed me 2 more shots and I also took them

''Come dance'' Harry said pulling me from the bar and dragging me towards the dance floor where people were grinding and dirty dancing making out you name it they were doing it

At this point I was pretty tipsy not drunk but I would still do things I didn't have fully control of

''Baby grind on me'' Harry whispered in my ear making shivers go down my whole body

As I was asked I did it it was quite fun if you ask me he holder my by my waist and we were dirty dancing

After 1 hour of dancing he started to kiss my neck by this time I was sober but I was having fun so why stop?

''Harry don't'' I said pushing him away

''Why not?'' He asked me

''I am sorry but I am not ready to do that I don't even know you that well yet'' I told him and he looked mad and he stormed off

What the hell? just because I am not ready to sleep with him doesn't mean I don't like him

Wow wow wow wait not ready to sleep with him? and doesn't mean I don't like him?

Do I like him? And would I sleep with him in the future...

I ran after Harry since my thoughts were interrupting me

He went outside and stepped into his car, before he could lock the doors I got in and closed the door behind me

''Harry I am not ready yet sorry okay?'' I said and he just looked straight forward with his hand tight around the steering wheel making his knuckles go white

He looked angry

His hair fell down to his forehead because of the hotness that was inside

How could all those people just stay in there with all the smoke loud music and dirty people

Get back to the point make Harry not go crazy on you

He did actually look really hot when he was mad... Like sexy

I thought to myself and smirked at the thoughts of what we could do... Wait no why am I acting like this all of the sudden I am not like this, this is not me!

''What are you smirking about?'' He asked looking mad at me

''Nothing sorry, but... I am sorry Harry don't be mad I am just not ready can you understand that?'' I asked him hopefully he will calm down after those words I just spoke and that he will respect it

''And hopefully you can understand that I am the BOSS'' He said saying boss a little louder

Wait what does he mean? He ain't gonna command me!

''What!?'' I asked confused and louder then I wanted to

''I am the boss here and if you don't listen there will be consequences'' He said smirking

I just sat there speechless with my mouth a little open

He putted his fingers on my lips and closed them for me

''I will let this one slip but you're signed to me so you listen to me'' He said his words kept repeating in my head...


He drove me home and I got out when we were there and he drove off leaving me there still speechless

I can't believe he just threaded me like that! His words kept repeating in my head and that night I didn't sleep really good


I was signed...



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