Did I know I would sell myself? No. They said it was just a job... Just a job...


5. Signed, 3


''Be there in time'' 

His words kept on repeating in my head would they really kill me if I didn't do it?

Well they did sound pretty serious about it and I didn't get my 1,000,000 pounds from a camera show as I was hoping 

I was right now sitting in a taxi on my way to where he told me to go surprisingly it wasn't that far away about 5-10 minutes.

''That's 55 pounds then'' The driver said as we stopped

''What! It was like 5 minutes I am not giving you 55 pounds!'' I said to him was he fucked up in his head or something?

''I am just doing my job'' He than said calmer then I expected, most of the taxi drivers in and around London were pretty rude well probably because the people pissed them off with the high costs they get

''Here keep the change'' Louis said opening my door and giving the man 60 pounds

''Come with me'' He said grabbing my arm and dragging me along inside of this big building that said ''Modest'' The taxi driver took off and left me there to go into the deal of a life time they would say...

''Where are we going?'' I asked 

''To a private room with Simon and Harry'' He said

Wait Simon Conwell!? Oh yeah he was their manager see I remembered a lot of last night research I have this really crapy old computer I am lucky it still didn't burn off or something


''Hello Alyssa please take a seat'' Simon said when we entered this creepy dark room with a big desk Simon was sitting right in front of me with Harry next to him and an empty chair on his other side guessing that was Louis his chair

Across from the desk to my side was one empty chair guessing that that was my chair

I took a seat and took in my surrounding a plant in the corner next to it was a lamp that was turned off

One window right behind of them, the curtains were closed

When I looked up there was a light bold hanging for it's life and when I looked across from the dark wooden desk I saw Louis, Simon... And Harry my future ''boyfriend''

''Where do I sign?'' I asked

''Oh eager let's first discuss the details'' Simon said with a little smirk on his face

I looked over at Harry, his hair was pushed back a little his green eyes staring at me studying at every feature of my face. He licked his plump red lips sending a shiver down my spine and making me bite my lip he was really beautiful if you saw him

''You know it's not nice staring at people'' I said smirking and crossing my arm at Harry

''Could say the same for you'' His deep raspy voice said and then winked and send me a wicked smirk which gave me goosebumps maybe he wouldn't be that bad after all

''Okay enough flirting let's get through this I have a meeting in a hour'' Simon said

''When you sign this you agree to become Harry Edward Styles his boyfriend for the entire 12 months and if you break this we can make you disappear from this planet so don't try anything stupid, you will be signed to us for 5 years if we ever need you after that in case'' He said

''Wow wow wow 5 years Louis told me I would be his girlfriend for 1 year and that's it'' I asked quickly interrupting the man

''Oops?'' Louis said smirking

''Yeah you will'' Simon said making me roll my eyes

''You will be attending party's premiere's red carpet events and more, you can wear what you want but we have to approve if we say no you won't wear it same goes with your hair make-up and accessories'' He said

Well fine I am basically their slave from now on

''You will be living in a house we already bought for you it's completely furnished and with a new wardrobe and food'' Simon continued

Well well there we go now it's getting good

''Every month you will be paid 100,000 pounds so when the contract end you will have at least 1,000,000 pounds if you don't have that you can even sue us but remember what happens if you ever do anything to get in our way'' Simon said looking straight at me with a stern face after he read that part. Wow people were right he was quite scary...

I just nodded giving him the sign to continue

''We will have to change your name and you will move to the other side of London and if you ever see anyone you know from before this you won't answer them you will just say ''No I am sorry my name is Nicole Polet'' He said

''And as last we will be giving you a entire make-over so your now blonde hair will be black and we will make you wear make-up since you don't wear it'' Simon said

''Louis bring her the contract and here is a pen so she can sign'' Simon finished and Louis gave it to me

I read it at least 3 more times until I signed it just to make sure there was no weird thing like selling my soul to them or something I don't know you will ever know

''Here'' I said signing it and handing it back to Louis

''Well welcome to the business Nicole Polet this is your boyfriend Harry Styles'' Simon said and they all walked to me

''Hi I am Harry'' Harry said shaking my hand and winking

''Hi my name is Ally... I mean my name is Nicole Polet'' I said shaking his hand

''We will have to work on that one...'' Simon said walking out of the room with Louis leaving me and Harry there alone in the creepy dark room...


Just so you guys know the T in her last name Polet is silent so it's like Polee xxx-Mounia 

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