The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


3. The invitation

Anna was now going into the seventh grade, and this was a great day for her. 

Her parents and her friends' parents were in Texas for calls for work. (They all had the same job) She was getting some pancakes ready, this was a day she had been waiting for. This day was known as October 4th, or her birthday. It was a Saturday, and she was turning 13, because of her late birthday at exactly 10:45 am. 

She was not an ordinary girl, and neither were her friends because they had accidents every year, like  first grade but worse then the last.


That must be them, she thought. 

She opened the door to find her friends. They were all very athletic, so they jogged/ran to her house. 

"Happy birthday, Anna!" They said at the same time.

When she ushered them inside her big house, they were just starting to eat when the doorbell rang again.

"Who is it now?" Anna questioned.

She opened the door to see... no one. She found mail addressed to each of them. 

"How did it know that we are here?" Alyssa asked.

They opened it to see an invitation to a school for immortals. 

"We are not monsters!" Abby shouted at her invitation.

"It says on the invitation we are Potomisses." remarked Ashley.

"Hippopotamuses?" asked Anna.

"With out the hippo part and spelled slightly different." Ashley pointed out.

"We turn into animals whenever and wherever we want." Alyssa said.

"But it says right here we need to be trained." Abby said. "Is this really real? Who would give us first class tickets on a plane and invite us to a school?

"Apparently Pr. Beckmann." Anna said. 

"Sweet! And now we are all of age in order to go!" Abby exclaimed reading the invitation and looking at the clock. 

The girls were having so much fun. They were playing outside a lot of the time. They played soccer, volleyball, tennis, and then it was getting too dark. They went inside to find a creepy man standing there. 

He must be Pr. Beckmann. 

"Hello! Are you Pr. Beckmann?" Abby said shakily. 

"No," The man answered. "Although I am  Pr. Dohike from Slevine academy. You may know me as Mr. Dace from your elementary school principal. That was my fake name so I could help you so that would not happen so frequently. I am here to help make sure you are comprehending everything the letter said. Do not forget you go to  Texas for the year. Your parents can visit if they wish. That is why they are clearing some of that at our school. The date you come is October 11th." 

He left, placing a box the girls were too afraid to look at. 

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