The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


10. Pr. Beckmann Confesses

"Girls, you will have special training to stay safe from Octavius." Pr. Beckmann said, leaving out the part he knew too well, their parents were captured. "You also may not be in Canterlem, Moposis, or Ropland. You are going to have a new personalized house. It is going to be safe, and only for you, because you are not just ordinary. You are the direct heirs from the first Potomisses themselves. You must be careful. Your powers are much stronger than all the others, and I must protect you so you may not be heading to death from Octavius or any other evil Potomisses, because Octavius Greenbaum himself is teamed up with all-powerful Francis Edmonds. Anyways, your house will be Astronom. Hurry to your classes, and your administrator will be me." Then he said to all o the students,"Classes will start now." Then to the girls,"You will take the same classes as a Canterlem, but you will have special training at 9:00 a.m. on weekends, so you can stay alive, and stay safe." The girls then hurried to their class with Pr. Lolima. 

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