The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


7. Octavius Greenbaum

The girls did not know what happened to Pr. Beckmann, but it was certainly not a headmaster. 

Alyssa kicked him in the gut. She felt bad, but he was evil. 

Pr. Beckmann's face suddenly shook and formed into a very familiar man. It was Alyssa's father. 

"Your mother loved you. I think you are a mistake, Alyssa, and your your friends are almost as bad." Mr. Kawe said. "I killed your real father because I was going to prevent you from ever forming. I am actually Octavius Greenbaum.  I could have killed half of the human race already. I wanted to rule the world, but I guess now would work, too."

The real Pr. Beckmann came through the door. "He locked me up! I am going to send him to prison right now! Let me through!"

With a pop, Octavius speed traveled. 

"He is gone now, but he is going to get you soon. We have to be safer now or else we will all die.

"Alyssa and Abby, you can be in Canterlem until we figure out its true or it was a big mistake."

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