The A Squad 1 Book 1: the very start of the unordinary lives

Four girls and their journey of their magical lives


8. Dueling

The girls woke up in a good mood.  Pr. Beckmann finally got the houses off their wrists, and it definitely was a mistake for Alyssa and Abby. 

"I will try to get you into your correct houses, but for now you will have to deal with it in dueling. It is our first class and it starts... now." Pr. Beckmann told Abby and Alyssa. 

They dashed to the purple "classes" door and it looked like a mix of a forest and a zoo. "You will duel or do your classes," Pr. Beckmann explained. "This one room is endless and also molds. It will now turn into runway planks that are used for dueling. Pick a partner that is not in your house."

Ashley picked Abby, and Alyssa picked Anna. 

"Do any powers that do not hurt your opponent to bad or you will get detention, which means you sit in a cage filled with animals depending on how bad you made your opponent. You may start." He said. 

Ashley threw a stinging charm at Abby, and Abby blocked some of it, but at some sides she got stung. 

Alyssa sent a burning skin charm at Anna, and she panicked. She got hit, and her skin felt like it was on fire. 

"I am so sorry Anna." Alyssa said. 

Alyssa felt horrible for what she did, but it was fine. Alyssa then sent a stinging charm so she could try to block a charm.

Anna felt so much pain she threw her arms out, and a blue-silver bubble formed around her. It blocked her, whizzing back at Alyssa, two times the speed, two times the hurt. 

Alyssa felt like someone put nails into her. She didn't know if she should congratulate her or try to heal herself. 

My friends matter most, she thought. 

"Great job!" Alyssa exclaimed.

"Are you hurt?" Anna questioned. 

"Not really."

"I'll help you anyway. I did some reading last night on healing, and it makes you really tired when you do it yourself. Here you go." 

She put her hands on Alyssa's arm she got hit on. It felt better instantly. 

"Time is up!" Pr. Beckmann said. "I would like you to meet our full staff." He pointed to a kind-looking lady wearing a green and pink dress. "This is Pr. Lolima, our teacher for hand magic classes, advisor for Canterlem, and the coach for Losten. Our other one here," he pointed to a cheerful old man in a blue tee and jeans. "Is Pr. Chanel, teacher for warping and morphing classes." He went to a woman that looked grumpy with an all pink attire. "This is Pr. Werson, our teacher for classes just for Roplands, which is sneaky evil classes, and how to become a gruesome Ropland, which, by the way, Abby and Alyssa, you are now officially in Canterlem. She is also the administrator for Ropland. Anyways, this is Pr. Dohike, and he is administrator for Moposis."

Classes will start with your administrator. I need to talk to Anna, Ashley, Abby, and Alyssa." He added.

The girls rushed over to Pr. Beckmann as they thought, why is Octavius after us? We're just any ordinary potomisses.

They were wrong. 

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