Love On the Run

Buffy Court has always been a troublesome kid, and is prone to getting into fights. But, no matter what, she's always been able to start over. Only this time she isn't. This time Buffy takes it too far, and Buffy's in danger of never starting over again, being permanently branded for life.
It's up to her mother to save her. But with such a difficult, impossible girl like Buffy, can she?


5. The Punch-Sleep

We didn't check into a hotel, or a motel or a bed-and-breakfast or anything. I guess Mum must have twigged that the police would have been on the look-out for a mother and blood-covered daughter residing for a night in a motel. So we slept in our car, in the parking lot of a Tesco superstore.

I am a heavy sleeper. I can sleep like a baby even when a thunder storm is raging on. I can sleep through winds that can throw houses and pull trees from the ground. But I couldn't sleep tonight.

I couldn't toss and turn, because the backseat of the car was too small.


I don't dream. Mum says everyone dreams, but I looked it up and it says that people who don't dream usually have personality disorders. If I had a personality disorder, people would probably understand me more. Well, they wouldn't, but at least they'd have a reason for not understanding me, and I could blame the personality disorder. But I don't have a personality disorder, even though people still find me confusing, and so I'm the one to blame for being so impossible. But I dreamt that night.

I dreamt of Sam.


I'd never really known how affecting dreams can be until I woke up the next day, and I burst into tears.



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