Love On the Run

Buffy Court has always been a troublesome kid, and is prone to getting into fights. But, no matter what, she's always been able to start over. Only this time she isn't. This time Buffy takes it too far, and Buffy's in danger of never starting over again, being permanently branded for life.
It's up to her mother to save her. But with such a difficult, impossible girl like Buffy, can she?


1. The Punch-Girl

Last week, I punched Christine Reccorn in the mouth.

Well, there you have it. No pretty prologue telling how I knew she'd been spreading shit about me- I never found out for sure, but I knew. No poetic vision of how my fist met the side of her mouth or the colour of the blood mixed with her spit when it dribbled down the side of her chin. No lavish paragraph describing how the boys in Christine's gang chased after me after I punched her, how their rubbery sneakers pounded and skidded on and off of the pavement, and how their slurs, declaring me a slut and a whore, rang in my ears.

That's not what I'm here for. That's not what you're here for. All the stuff above, that's not important. You have to hear my side.

knew Christine Reccorn was spreading shit about me, and so were all her arse-licking little friends. When they weren't spreading crap they were constantly leaving me out. I'd try to join in the conversation and they'd give me strange looks, and bunch up together even closer. Or Christine would laugh mirthlessly and say "Oh yeah, of course." When they teased me and I said something back, Christine would give me this I-cannot-believe-you-just-did -that" face and say, "Jesus, it was just a joke."

I've hit people before. When I was fourteen I hit too many people and I ended up in reform school. That was the shit. But I'm out now. I'm okay. Reform school has done its job- it's reformed me. My "anger problems" are under control.

The people I've hit- they don't really matter to me anymore. They stopped being my friends after I hit them.  My list of enemies is already far too long, so usually I just put them under the "People I've Hit" list. When they're on the list, I don't really care about them too much. Now they're just another name on the "People I've Hit" list, and a crossed-out name on the "Friends" list. I can't find distinction in their personalities, I can't tell the differences between one person and another.

But there is a difference between Christine Reccorn and her fellow members of my list.

All the other members are wholly alive.

Christine Reccorn is dead.

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