the life of Draco Malfoy

this is the diary/ journal of draco malfoy during his time at Hogwarts


3. school

september 2nd 1rst year  evening after dinner


Dear journal

               Father said I didn't have to write everything about my day in this journal just major highlights of the day soo today we got our timetables I was thinking of writing it in here in case I lose it or something but I won't lose it and plus it would hurt my hand to write that much. I had double charms first with the griffindors and potter we learned the charm wingardium leviosa.Then we had fly class and a boy named Neville Longbottom couldn't controll his broom and he ended up breaking his wrist and he dropped his rembrall. I picked it up and Potter said " Malfoy put it down." I said " no why should I he has to find it." And I hid it in a tree Potter got it and it was a race In the end Potter got it just as proffesuer Moganagall came out I hurried down and didn't get in trouble but it turnes out he became griffindor seeker. After lunch I had double potions and transfuguration.

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