True Love

"I'm proud of you man" he smiled. I looked at him my vision blurry, "why?" "You have a perfect family.. You know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.. You've created a perfect family.. Your story is amazing.. The perfect family argues... The perfect family has some cuts.. But they stay together no matter what.." he smiled.


9. "Or maybe in a-in a bit"

*Ciara's POV*

I locked the door and sighed. It was 10am. "So what do you wanna do today?" Justin asked wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me closer. "I don't know" I smiled. "Maybe we could watch some films or something" he whispered close to my lips before pecking them. I nodded smiling, "yeah that would be nice- no I have an idea... What about we go for a walk?" "Sounds good to me baby" he smiled and pecked my cheek. "Then let's go" I smiled and grabbed his hand. "No wait I have to change.. I haven't changed since yesterday" he exclaimed and ran to our room. I giggled and followed him. ---- It was 10pm and we still walked hand in hand around in the park just enjoying each others company. It was nice. We talked abut everything between heaven and earth. It was nice. We haven't been talking like this in years. We did this when we first met. "I would take you out on a date if we had the money you know that right?" he smiled. I nodded, "I know.." We found a bench and sat down. His arm around my shoulder and my head resting on his chest. "I would run a thousand miles for you queen" he mumbled into my hair. "Me too Jus" I smiled. I loved him. Even though we fight and disagree I love him. "Do you ever think of having another child?" he broke the silence. I frowned, "um... I don't know... Sometimes I do.." "I know it's crazy.... But when we get all of our stuff right... When I find a better job and you maybe get an education... It would be great to have an other child you know" he explained as I looked up at him. I mean it could be great to have another child. But we don't have the money. "Yeah maybe.." I shrugged. "Don't worry princess... I love Zoe and she will always be my princess... I don't need another one..." chuckling he pecked my lips. "I know... But if we get the money I would love to have another child... Keep that in mind" I smiled looking into the beautiful eyes of his. "I will" he whispered into my hair before kissing it. "Look I'll get an education and-" "There's no need for that if you don't want to baby." "But I want to Justin... I'll look next week" I insisted looking seriously at him. "Okay if that's what you want... Then I won't held you back" he smiled pulling me closer to him. I felt safe in his embrace. "C'mon let's get home angel.. It's getting late... And you need your beauty sleep.." I nodded as we stood up and he grabbed my hand. When we came home and got to bed I couldn't sleep. I was thinking too much about the future. When I heard a snoring I slowly got out of his grip and crawled off bed. He was off to work at 6am tomorrow so I let him get his sleep. I grabbed one of Justin's sweatshirts and went to the glass door in our living room and opened it. There was a little fence so you wouldn't fall out of the door and down on the ground. It wasn't even a balcony. I breathed in the fresh air thinking about how the future would be. Will we get another child? Will I ever get an education? Will we ever get more money? Will Justin ever find a new job? Will we ever get out of here? All these thoughts were haunting me. I sighed looking down at the backyard, seeing a dangerously drunk old man. I quickly looked at something else. A window where I saw a young couple cuddling in the living room, watching tv. I sighed. They looked happy. Well I was happy. We were happy. But they didn't have to worry about their money and baby to take care of. And jobs. They still went to high school. "C'mon angel... Let's get you back to bed" I heard a raspy voice behind me. I turned around to see Justin only in boxer shorts. He looked tired. His hair all messed up. He walked towards me grabbing my hand and pecked my cheek gently. "Go back to sleep Justin... You have to go to work at 6am... I don't want to disturb your sleep..." I stroked his cheek and took away my hand. "C'mon angel you look tired... And you aren't disturbing anything..." he smiled. "But it's no use Justin... I can't sleep... So I will disturb you somehow" I looked at the ground. "Hey. Ciara" he lifted up my chin making me look into his eyes, but I looked away, "look at me.." I just kept looking somewhere else. I didn't want him to loose sleep because of me, not being able to sleep. "I said, look at me" he said sternly but softly. I slowly looked at him. "What's wrong angel?" "Nothing I just can't sleep" I said simply and looked away. "Ciara!" "Argh fine!" I exclaimed, "I can't sleep because I think about the future okay! If we will get more money? If I ever will get an education? If we ever will get another child? If we ever-" he cut me off by pressing his lips onto mine, then pulled away, "stop baby... Don't think about this... Okay... No matter how our future will turn out to be, we'll get through it together..." "But I can't" I mumbled. He pulled me into a hug, "baby please don't let these thoughts ruin your sleep... You know I'll always be there no matter how many money we'll get right?" I nodded smiling, wrapping my arms around him, "I know.. And you too.." He pulled away resting both of his hands on my shoulders looking at me, "I love you okay? And I'll never let go.... Never... Ever!" "I know and I love you too" I smiled, he was the sweetest ever! "Now let's get in bed again" he smiled and pulled me into a kiss. He couldn't seem to let go. And me neither. We pulled away. "Or maybe in a-in a bit" he said pressing his lips onto mine again and let his hand slid down on my butt. His phone went off, but we didn't care.

*Pattie's POV*

I called Justin to tell him that his biological dad was at the hospital. He hasn't met his biological dad yet. They told me that Jeremy didn't have very long. I called one of my best friends and asked her to take care of Zoe while I drove to Justin and Ciara's place. When she came, I ran out of the door, to my car and drove to their place. I rang the doorbell hoping that they were awake. When the door didn't open I found the key they gave me and got inside. I heard Justin's voice say something then moaning. I didn't care this was really important. I ran to their bedroom, crashed the door open. Justin jumped away from Ciara and she sat up pulling down her t-shirt. They both were staring at me. "Mom? What are you doing here?" Justin exclaimed a little bit angry. "Well what are you doing?" I raised an eyebrow. "What does it look like?" he asked. I crossed my arms over my chest. "Anyway... What are you doing here?" Justin asked. "Your biological dad is at the hospital and doesn't have very long..." I explained. "What?!" he exclaimed not believing a single word, "I haven't seen him... I haven't met him once..." "I thought you would like to meet him one time before he dies" I smiled. I haven't seen him in so long. "Well yeah sure..." he smiled, I could see the excitement in his eyes. He looked at Ciara smiling. "Well let's go then" I smiled. "Wait what tonight? As in right now? I have to go to work tomorrow! Actually in 5 hours.." "Then why didn't you sleep?" I raised an eyebrow. He awkwardly scratched his neck looking at Ciara who blushing looked at the ground, "well we did.. Or I did... But then Ciara was gone and I found her and we talked for a while...." "Okay well I hope you're not too horny to go to the hospital" I winked at him.

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