True Love

"I'm proud of you man" he smiled. I looked at him my vision blurry, "why?" "You have a perfect family.. You know who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with.. You've created a perfect family.. Your story is amazing.. The perfect family argues... The perfect family has some cuts.. But they stay together no matter what.." he smiled.


10. "Jeremy Bieber"

*Justin's POV*


Dammit mom. She ruins my quality time with Ciara and tells me that my dad is at the hospital dying. Then she jokes about me being horny. "Mom!" I sighed annoyed, "we'll just get dressed... Just go and wait in the living room or wherever you want.." "Okay lovebirds" she smiled and closed the door after walking out. "Dammit" I mumbled annoyed and surprised at the same time. "You okay Justin?" I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Not really" I admitted, "I've never seen my dad... And now he's dying.. And now I have to go see him... Or I don't want to but I need to.." "Look I'll help you... You can say goodbye to him... And let him go" she whispered close to my neck before kissing it. "C'mon let's get dressed" I grabbed her hand leading her to our closet. ---- "Jeremy Bieber" my mom said to a nurse. "Who are you?" she asked. "I'm Pattie Mallette... Ex.. And this is his son and his wife.." my mom explained, "it's complicated.." "Okay well follow me.." the nurse smiled and lead us to room number 200. This is it. I'm gonna meet my dad for the first and probably last time. I tightened my grip around Ciara's hand. I turned to look at her. She smiled stroking my cheek. "I'm nervous" I whispered. She slightly rubbed my hand with her thumb, "it's gonna be alright Jus.." "You're ready Justin" my mom asked. Nodding I took in a deep deep breath as we opened the door. "Patricia is that you" I heard a man voice say. "Hi Jeremy" my mom exclaimed running towards the bed. I was shocked. I was frozen. I couldn't move. "C'mon baby" Ciara smiled, slightly making me go towards the bed. As I looked at the man who would be my dad, I could see myself in him. All the things I've been wondering where I got from. It was from him. "Jeremy there is someone I want you to meet" my mom pulled away and grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to him. It was as if I was visiting a stranger. I couldn't speak. He was right in front of me. "Jeremy this is your son, Justin and his wife Ciara.." "I have a son?" he exclaimed. She nodded smiling, "he is 25.." "I got you pregnant back then?" he asked wide-eyed. My mom nodded, as she began crying. "I'm sorry I left you I didn't know..." he rubbed her back pecking her forehead. Then he looked up at me with tears in his eyes, "come here my son... So tell me has your mom been a good mom?" I slowly nodded tightening the grip around Ciara's hand even more. "Justin... You're breaking my hand" Ciara whispered awkwardly. "Uh sorry angel" I exclaimed. I let go of her hand before turning to my dad. "You really are my son!" he cried, reaching out for my hand. I took it and got pulled into a big bear hug. "And what a beautiful wife you've got there" he smiled the tears running down his cheeks. "I know right she's perfect" I smiled. "You also have a grandchild... She's 3 years old and her name is Zoe" my mom said. "Zoe" Ciara and I exclaimed looking at my mom. "Don't worry one of my best friends is looking after her" my mom chuckled. Ciara and I sighed in relief, "thank god.." My dad chuckled, "well do you have a picture?" Nodding I found my phone and showed him a picture of Zoe and Ciara smiling. "She has your eyes" he smiled, "and your hair though..." --- After three hours of talking I was exhausted. "Oh god what a day" I breathed out as I sat down on a chair. "Well I'm hungry" Ciara said grabbing an apple. I laughed at her. She was so adorable. "You're so adorable baby.." "I know right" she giggled. I pulled her down on my lap burring my face into her neck, "I love you.." "Love you more" I could sense her beautiful smile. I kissed her neck gently, then whispering, "love you most.." "Oh yeah, sorry about my mom though.." Ciara let out a heart melting laugh, "it's okay Jus... It was important.. Btw how do you feel about meeting your dad?" I sighed, "It was nice seeing him.. I guess..." She stayed quiet. I looked up at her, "actually I could've lived without knowing him... Because I've been living with that my entire life and now it just ruins it all, with me seeing him... Because now I know him and I feel sad because he's gonna die soon... But on the other side it was good to let him see his son and let him know that his son is more happy than he ever could be and that he has a granddaughter... Healthy and wonderful... He dies with that in his mind... I hope.." "I wish I could've been told that I was loved by her before she passed away you know... She never told me that she loved me... She never told me she was sick..." Ciara said sadly. "I'm sure she did... Or she did love you... Otherwise she wouldn't have given a shit about you dating me you know... She really did her best at checking me out and check if I was good enough for you... You know that right? And she told me that if I ever hurt you... She would be the reason why I wouldn't be able to have children... She scared the crap out of me, you know" I smiled, causing her to smile. "You never told me that" she exclaimed. "No, because I wouldn't ruin your relationship.. I knew if I told you.. You would be mad at your mom for choosing your boyfriends... And she would be mad at you, because she loved you... And didn't want anything to hurt you..." I explained looking into her beautiful eyes. "Thank you Jus.." "For what?" "For not telling me and for not hurting me once... On purpose" her eyes true diamonds in the sun. I chuckled at her words, "I never meant to hurt you all the times I've hurt you... You're welcome... Always.." She jumped off my lap and got on the kitchen counter, "come here.." I smiled went over to her and in between her legs looking into her eyes, "always.." "Btw you haven't hurt me as much as you think... You hurt me when I was a virgin, when you made me give birth to Zoe and when you cheated on me" she whispered close to my lips before kissing them. "Haven't I hurt you more? I feel like I've hurt you too many times" I admitted. "You haven't... All the other times weren't your fault..." she slid her arms around my neck. I smirked, "and as far as I remember you were more than into that hot love making we did when making Zoe.." "We both were more than into it baby" her whisper moving from my lips to my neck. "Did you know how sexy you are baby?" I bit my lip. "I think you've told me before... But I don't remember" her lips slowly brushed over mine. I groaned, "don't do this to me.." She let out a small laugh, "I know you don't mean that.." One of the sexiest laughs I've ever heard. "I'm going to work in 2 hours baby" I mumbled, not sure of how much I cared about work. She slightly bit my lip, making me moan. "Bullshit" I smirked and made her lay down on the kitchen counter, of cause looking if she laid down on something. I got on top of her whispering sexily in her ear, "have we ever done it on the kitchen counter baby?" "Not as far as I remember" she bit her lip. "Well we have after tonight" I crashed my lips onto hers. ---- "Gotta go now angel... Love you and thank you for tonight... Thank you for helping me through that" I pecked her beautiful lips before running to the bathroom getting ready to work. "You're welcome" I heard her mumble. "Go to sleep you haven't been sleeping more than 30 minutes" I said as I buttoned my shirt. "But I have to clean up the kitchen" she got up and walked to our closet. "I'm sorry baby... You shouldn't have seduced me like that" I smiled. "Shut it Jus" I heard her laugh. Chuckling I went to kiss her, "love you... Gotta go.." "Love you too... Have fun" she smiled and pecked my lips. "Oh yeah... We gotta do what we did tonight again sometime" I whispered right before smacking her ass. "We'll see, bye" she giggled and with that I ran down the stairs to my car and drove to work.


*Ciara's POV*


I sighed and opened the windows everywhere, "what a night.." The floor was full of all kinds of spices, wooden spoons and pots, which stood on the kitchen counter, before. ---- I woke up by something knocking the door. My head shut up and I realized I sat on a chair at our dining table. I looked around. I didn't even start cleaning the mess. Yawning I went to open the door, seeing Pattie and Zoe stand outside. "Mommy" Zoe exclaimed. "Hi princess I've missed you" I said really tired bending down to hug her. "What happened in here? Did you fight?" Pattie exclaimed. "What? No we didn't" I exclaimed. "What did you do mommy?" Zoe exclaimed when she ran into the kitchen. "Um... We um... Um... It doesn't matter sweetie..." I smiled. "Why didn't you clean up after?" she whispered. I blushed, "sorry Pattie... This is so embarrassing... Well Justin needed sleep and so did I... But it was only because we both were so sad at that moment... It was 6am when I fell asleep at the diner table.. And then I got woken up by you knocking... I would've cleaned it up..." "It's okay... And it's not embarrassing... You seem a lot more happier... After you know so just keep doing that... And I love taking care of Zoe... But on the kitchen counter!" she smiled. "Well let's get cleaned" I smiled, "thank you for taking care of her..." "You're welcome say hi to Justin for me" she smiled. "I will, bye Pattie" I closed the door sighing. We're never doing it on the kitchen counter, again. Ever. ----- I sat down at the diner table sighing, "what a day." Zoe just got to bed and was asleep. And I was gonna go to work tomorrow. Suddenly I was gone, until the door opened and closed. I quickly sat up, "who is it?" "Why are you still up angel?" I heard Justin's voice. I closed my eyes and then I almost fell asleep just like that but then my head fell down and it quickly got up again, "who is it?" "It's still me angel" I heard a laugh. "You must be so tired... I'm sorry I kept you awake this whole night" I felt a peck on my lips. "We're never ever doing it on the kitchen counter again okay" I said sternly looking at him, then yawning. "Mom" Justin groaned, "she was awkward again right?" "Well I fell asleep at the diner table just like now before I could even start cleaning up so I woke up by your mom knocking... Then Zoe and your mom came in and Pattie asked if we had been fighting because everything was on the floor and Zoe asked what we have done.. And I could explain... But then I was like this is so embarrassing and then your mom said... That it isn't embarrassing and that she can see we are happier... So just keep doing that... She really said this.. And that she loves taking care of Zoe so..." "Oh well she is so awkward.... But I'm off now... I don't have to go to work before next Monday..." he exclaimed happily. "OMG..." I jumped up in his arms, "but I'll start working tomorrow..." "Yeah but when will you go to work?" he put me down, smiling. "At 12am till 4pm.." "See that ain't that bad" smiling he pecked my lips, "guess who I met?" I looked questioningly at him. "I met that girl from the young couple we can see from our living room.." he laughed. "What's so funny?" I raised an eyebrow. "Don't worry... She tried to seduce me by saying that she saw us last night and that she could show me what we did... And that she wouldn't tell anyone" he chuckled, grabbing some water. "And?" "And I kinda shouted at her... I told her that she should go home to her boyfriend and do something for him... Then maybe she would get the same as you did.." "Justin" I groaned hitting his chest. "She is 17 or 18 I don't know... She can't run after 25 year old men with wife and child" he said apologizing. "You know some men gets a grown-up brain when they get older..." I poked his nose. "So?" "No offense but you're never gonna be one of them babe.." He chuckled, "I know you love it... Whenever someone we know get baby boy it'll love me because I'm so immature sometimes.." "Sure... And your hormones is like a teenager's" giggling I made my way to the fridge getting something to drink, "want some wine?" "Yes please... And no they're not.. They only are when you tease them" I could sense his smirk. I grabbed the wine, found two glass and gave him some and then me. Then I leaned up against the kitchen counter looking at him, taking a zip of the wine, so did he. Silence filled the air as we just looked at each other. "It feels like yesterday we were in high school fooling around" Justin sighed, looking away for a second then back at me. I smiled, "yeah... But you know what? This is so much better than high school.." "It is" he stood up putting his now empty glass on the table walking towards me. "Let's get to bed angel.." "I just have to finish this glass" I drank the rest and went to our bed room where Justin was standing in boxers brushing his teeth. I grabbed my toothbrush as well and began brushing my teeth. When we finally got into bed, I couldn't sleep because I've been sleeping all day. "Justin I-" I cut off when I heard a snore. I slowly removed his arms and got up, but then I got pulled back by Justin. "I can't-" "Shh angel I can make you tired" his raspy voice spoke. "Justin-" "C'mon angel.." Sighing I got back to bed. Justin made me face him and pulled me into him. My face into his bare chest making me feel indescribable comfortable. He started caressing my back by drawing small circles, making me calm down. He began singing calmly and slowly, "Oh oh, just as sure as the stars in the sky

I need you to show me the light

Not just for the meanwhile, for a long long time

Better believe it


Uh oh, whenever you're not in my presence

It feels like I'm missing my blessings, yeah

So I sleep through the daylight, stay awake all night

'Til you back again, yeah, yeah


You think I'm biased

To my significant other

You hit it right on the head

Only been missing my lover

Got a whole lotta texts on my phone and I don't reply

The next eight bars tell you why


You're all that matters to me, yeah yeah,

Ain't worried about nobody else

If I ain't with you, I ain't myself

You make me complete

You're all that matters to me, yeah, yeah,

What's a king bed without a queen

There ain't no "I" in team

You make me complete

You're all that matters to me-" I didn't hear the rest of the song, because I fell asleep. ---- "Mommy wake up I'm hungry" I felt someone jump up on top of me. "Be careful you're waking up daddy" I whispered and slowly got up. Justin was laying on his stomach, his head in the pillow, without a blanket on, snoring loudly. "Daddy? Why is he home?" she asked. I smiled pecking her cheek, "because he is off this week... So you'll get to spend everyday with daddy.." I found some clothes, took it on and quickly braid my hair into a messy side braid. I grabbed Zoe's hand and closed the door behind us. "What do you wanna eat princess?" I asked her, while I grabbed the wine glasses from yesterday putting them in the sink. "Daddy's breakfast" she exclaimed. "Daddy's asleep princess.. You can get something to eat now and then when he wakes up he make something for you... Maybe.. I won't promise you anything okay?" "Okay" she looked down.

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