The first book of the trilogy 'Gates' "Keys... Where are they...." I say under my breath. I walk around the darkness. I find chris. "Chris!" I scream, I run to him. My feet run as fast as they can. I leap off the ground only to fall flat on my face. I look behind myself as the twigs snap under me. I had tripped over roots of the trees. I roll over as the root releases my foot. I stare up at the darkness of the black moon, as the misty covers the area blocking my senses. I lean my head back to see the world upside down. I watch the orange hair boy walk off not knowing I was here. "....." "....." "Shadow, shadow, shadow's darkness!" He fades into mist as I hear the foot steps gain behind me. I try my hardest to get back up to my feet.


4. What Was That

"What happened!?" The young boy runs in which was blondey. I put my head in my arms as I hold my arm tight as it burns. I sense him scanning the room for me. I hear foot steps gaining faster coming to me. I shiver, I try not to show I'm crying But I am screwed either way. "Are u okay!?....." The boy kneels next to me as I try to turn my body around. I slip as I put my hands out to stop myself fall falling backwards. My feet stay on the ground as I slip backwards with my knees In the air. I look up as the tears from before blur my vision. He glares at my turning black arm then quickly looks at me. He glares at the young girl with hazel hair stands in the doorway. I lay there in pain as blondey panics. "Go get my parents!" Blondey sounds like he could kill someone but yet alone sounds worried and nervous. The girl runs off as her footsteps fade fast. "What happened?" Blondey questions.

"I......" I was speechless as his cloudy eyes glance down at me. Seeing him upside down didn't bother me. "I....I...." I burst into tears as I was stuck on the ground. He leans over and wipes my tears away from my eyes.

"It's okay, you don't need to speak." His comforting words sooth my heartbeat down as my heartbeats fast still. He puts his hands on my waist and pulls my upper body off the ground, letting me lean on him. He holds me as he strokes my hair.

I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm at a random boys house And I don't even know his name yet. He doesn't even know my name either. 'Why is he so kind? Why is he worried about me? Why did he protect me?' I question myself. 'Only if someone would speak of his name...', I sigh in pain holding my arm.

"Don't worry they'll be here soon..." He says nervously, making me confused why he was so nervous. The tears still silently roll down my rose red cheeks. He looks down on me still stoking my hair.

"OMG, LOOK AT ME!" a younger boy walks in, "love birds" he gives a smirking smile. His black jeans stole the heat, well his navy blue shirt was to big. "Oh it's her!" He shouts as he runs over shocked and kneels next to us. I turn my head away looking off out the window.

"Tim!" The girl was back with other people.

"Is she alright?" A sweet voice from a lady I would say is his mother. She was wearing a summers dress that was a grey color with pink and purple little flowers, as a white apron sat in the shirt part if the dress, as her brown hair was pinned into a bun.

"Honey..." A man walks up to the lady. He was wearing a grey suit with a red tie, as if he was just interviewed. "I got to go" he walks off out the room.

"Mum, Dad, look at her arm!" Tim pointed out, as I try to hide my arm with my hand. "Dad?..." Tim notice he was gone

"Wolf..." A nervous voice from a far little girl shivered. She slowly walks over to me and blondey. Her little grey dress with blue flower made her look like an angel. Her white blonde hair fell to her waist.

"Oh okay" blondey nods at the little girl, her age probably around 8.

'So blondey is called.....?' I think in my head not showing I was thinking as my head pounds. The little girl kneels next to me and blondey as Tim walks out the room with the young girl at the door. She looks into my eyes as her blue sparkling eyes stare into my silver eyes that reflected in hers.

'Hello young miss...' A shy voice echoes in my head. I close my eyes tightly as I shake my head. 'Its okay...' The girls shy voice spoke. 'My name is lzzy', 'Wolf is my brother, the one holding you' she jokes. I try not to blush. As I close my eyes again then opening them. Izzy nods at Wolf.

"Izzy please leave the room now " the lady spoke.

'We can talk later' the voice fades as Izzy leaves my eyes and skips off. "Bye" the shy voice whispers.

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