The first book of the trilogy 'Gates' "Keys... Where are they...." I say under my breath. I walk around the darkness. I find chris. "Chris!" I scream, I run to him. My feet run as fast as they can. I leap off the ground only to fall flat on my face. I look behind myself as the twigs snap under me. I had tripped over roots of the trees. I roll over as the root releases my foot. I stare up at the darkness of the black moon, as the misty covers the area blocking my senses. I lean my head back to see the world upside down. I watch the orange hair boy walk off not knowing I was here. "....." "....." "Shadow, shadow, shadow's darkness!" He fades into mist as I hear the foot steps gain behind me. I try my hardest to get back up to my feet.


1. The Beginning

" Where is it!" I hit the wall as the powerful hands push me. My back slams against the wall. I glare at him as I shiver in anger. I smirk as he walks closer. "Tell me where it is!" he screams at me getting frustrated as his brown hair flips to the side of his face as the wind blows wildly.
"...." I lean on the wall being a smartass.
"I call upon the dagger of darkness" he calls as a black dagger is summoned as it fades into reality. He holds the dagger as he holds the blade in one and the handle in the other. He smirks. He steps closer. I stare as I regret what I have just done. He rises the dagger to my neck. I breathe in, he slowly lets the blade go out of one hand as he rises the blade to my cheek. "We could of did this the easy way... But you pushed it to far" he glares at me evilly. He brings the dagger into the air , I see the dagger glow black in the darkness of the night. He swings his hand down bringing the dagger lashing at me, as I try to dodge as the dagger slices my cheek he pulls back as he get ready for the second time. I see the pure red blood glow on the blade as my cheek burns crazy. He rises the blade again as the black moon shines on it.
"No!" I scream as I dodge, hitting my head on the wall. I reach my left leg out as I crouch down, I spin to my over side hitting his legs over. The dagger fades into ashes into the dark night sky, as it sits in the wall where my head was. I lean with my back against the wall, as I am crouched down. He grabs my shoulders. I shiver helplessly. I close my golden green eyes.
"What's wrong babe?" He snickers as he throws me to the other side on the rotunda, hitting the wall I let out a yelp. I panic as I realise that he is to strong. "What the heck!?" He backs away. "Dagger summon!" He quickly moves as lightning then quickly leaps backwards. I growl at him as my blood splatters, I feel weakened from the dagger. Wait a dagger?! I look down to see a sliver dagger in my right side. My eyes widen as my feet give up. I fall to my knees, As the burning gets worse. "A.... A.... Dagger of darkness...?" I whine in pain as I grab hold of my side. As my vision starts to fade back and forward. The pain burns through out my body as I helplessly fall to my side on the concrete floor. The redness of the ground made me feel weaker as I start to feel sick of the sight of my own blood. I try to get grip of the knife, but my hands slip as they are covered in pure red blood. He raises his brow as I groan in pain. He walks over and stands next to the helpless me as I hold the knife that's in my side as he pushes me over, the knife hits the ground digging in more. I scream in pain. I try to turn back over but I can't move. Still holding the knife in pain, I hear footsteps gaining as my scream echoes through out the nights air.
"OI!" An unfamiliar voice calls out to us. "The swords of the earths!" He shouts as sand forms in his hand. I see a blonde haired boy. I watch in pain as he leaps into the air and swings the slicing blade into the man that was attacking me. I watch in fear as they get ready for the real thing, as blondey flips his golden blonde fringe out his face.


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