The first book of the trilogy 'Gates' "Keys... Where are they...." I say under my breath. I walk around the darkness. I find chris. "Chris!" I scream, I run to him. My feet run as fast as they can. I leap off the ground only to fall flat on my face. I look behind myself as the twigs snap under me. I had tripped over roots of the trees. I roll over as the root releases my foot. I stare up at the darkness of the black moon, as the misty covers the area blocking my senses. I lean my head back to see the world upside down. I watch the orange hair boy walk off not knowing I was here. "....." "....." "Shadow, shadow, shadow's darkness!" He fades into mist as I hear the foot steps gain behind me. I try my hardest to get back up to my feet.


2. Summon Battle

"I summon the dagger of death!" The first calls out as the person that just arrived runs in for an attack. Raising the sword in the air blondey runs. The swords blade lets of dust in the dark pale moon light. "Hiya!" He slices the air. My eyes getting heavy, I continue to watch helplessly on my side. The blade slices the dark hair boy's shoulder as he makes a dash for it. He falls into a wall from the power of the sword.
"Hahaha" the boy laugh as he stands up.
"We need to get outta here!" Blondey runs to me. My vision fades back and forth as I feel dizzy from the sickness of the blood. I hold the knife trying to stop it from going into my side further.
Blondey runs over to me as the sword fades into sand and disappears into the air. He rolls me over. I let go of the knife as I lay there not even half conscious. I whine in pain as he grips the black knife. My eyes widen as he pulls the knife out. My skin feels like it is melting as the wind blows on the cuts. I look up to see him looking into my eyes. I glance at his golden emerald eyes then I quickly glance at the ground. He helps me sit up as I hear foot steps coming closer my body feels pain as I move. "I will carry you" he quickly says, As he dodges the dagger. Raising his head back up after dodging. He picks me up and holds me in his arms. He looks down at me. And looks backwards. He starts to run off carrying me. I still feeling sick, covered in blood. I wonder why I had growled and yelped, I didn't realise it till now, it must be cause I have some stuff of my mind, like being killed. I watch my surrounding as I question myself. In every blink my vision fades more, I try to consternate as I fade of into unconsciousness.

"Wake up", "you can't stayed knocked out forever...." "WAKE UP FOX!" The voice rings in my head.
"Chris?...", "is that you?..." I find myself in a room full of darkness. "Oh..." "We meet again" I smirk as I see a young boy standing at the other side of the room. His orange hair glows. The walls covered in red, making me want to be sick again.
"Yeah" he chuckles. I run up to him as I grab his head "OI!" He try's to pull away from the headlock. I get my fist and rub his head. He pulls away as I release the head lock. We both laugh as we hug.
"Chris, why are you here?" I ask.
"I was gonna ask you the same thing" he smiles.
"Wait what?" I glance as him as we pull away from the hug.
"Why are you here..." "Aren't you supposed to be doing something?" He glares at me.
"Uh oh, yea?" I look away, I blush.
"Lol" he pokes me "let's wake you up, shall we", I nod in agreement. I smile as I clench my fist, he walks off and fades into the shadows, as they glow with his orange hair. I close my eyes tightly as the world spins around me. 

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