The first book of the trilogy 'Gates' "Keys... Where are they...." I say under my breath. I walk around the darkness. I find chris. "Chris!" I scream, I run to him. My feet run as fast as they can. I leap off the ground only to fall flat on my face. I look behind myself as the twigs snap under me. I had tripped over roots of the trees. I roll over as the root releases my foot. I stare up at the darkness of the black moon, as the misty covers the area blocking my senses. I lean my head back to see the world upside down. I watch the orange hair boy walk off not knowing I was here. "....." "....." "Shadow, shadow, shadow's darkness!" He fades into mist as I hear the foot steps gain behind me. I try my hardest to get back up to my feet.


3. Awaken

The pitch black surrounds me as I clench my teeth as the pain stings my side. I tighten my fists and eyes as I try to think. My headache is pounding my head in as I hear a door shut.

"Isn't she wake yet?" I hear a young disappointed girl speaking which it sounded like there was a wall between us.

"No not yet but she should soon...... I hope..." A nervous young boys voice sounded worried.

'They talking about me?....' My head pounds as my body still feels heavy, I loosen my fist as I try to open my eyes in pain as heaviness doesn't leave. I finally convince my body to listen as I finally open my eyes. I scan around as I see a dark blue roof and and Alaska blue walls. I try to pull myself up on a bed with brown and blue sheets I'm lying on. I lean on the wall as I felt dizzy and didn't want to fall. I hear foot steps fading away from the door that was in front of the double bed as the grey doornoob matched the beds metal base and legs. I lean forward to lean my head in my arms as I cross them on my chest. I see something move from the corner of my eye as I quickly look up. I scan the room as the darkness slowly devours the room. I shiver as I see the tall figure again. I can't make out what it was or who it is. I turn to my left as I face a window. The windows showed a forest as the mist shadows the forest. I look to my right as I see a walk in wardrobe with a door at the end which I'm guessing is a bathroom like most houses. I feel dark energy flow behind me as I get dizzy just after recovering from it. I go to scream as someone covers my mouth with there gloved hands. I look down to see black gloves as someone stood behind me and the bed. He pulls his head near mine.

"I was wondering where u went" the young male voice whispered evilly as it was a voice I remember from somewhere. As I remember the voice I try to move his hand from my mouth desperately as he grabs my arm tightly. He grips my arm as he squeezes it in his tight grip as I stop trying to move his hand to scream. I try to stop him from hurting my arm. Only using one hand to stop him was not enough but I couldn't move my arm as it was in much pain. I try to scream but I try to hold it in. I feel a burning in my arm as I see dark acid. As tears form in my eyes, I just couldn't hold it in. He uncovers my mouth, as scream as the pain flows through out my body as the acid burns my arm and as my side still stings. I get thrown into the wall next to the window, I feel dizzy as my headache grows. "I'll be back" his chuckle fades into thin air.

I hear people rushing in as the person that was in the room was gone. I grab my arm as the blackness spreads. I lean against the wall next to the window as I groan in pain. Feeling dizzy I move my legs onto my chest as I hold my arm as they are kinda crossed, I lean as close to the wall I could.


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