The first book of the trilogy 'Gates' "Keys... Where are they...." I say under my breath. I walk around the darkness. I find chris. "Chris!" I scream, I run to him. My feet run as fast as they can. I leap off the ground only to fall flat on my face. I look behind myself as the twigs snap under me. I had tripped over roots of the trees. I roll over as the root releases my foot. I stare up at the darkness of the black moon, as the misty covers the area blocking my senses. I lean my head back to see the world upside down. I watch the orange hair boy walk off not knowing I was here. "....." "....." "Shadow, shadow, shadow's darkness!" He fades into mist as I hear the foot steps gain behind me. I try my hardest to get back up to my feet.


5. Authors Note



Hey guys, if your wanting me to write more of this story please say so. Ive lost interest for this book, sorry but if you like ill try write some more :)

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