Fighting Troubles

Lisa White is the average church girl. She has God, Her Friends, her family, and her new boyfriend. Will they make it for the long haul?
Cover by @Georgia.russell thanks :)


4. Chapter 3

Mike's P.O.V.

"She said yes huh?" My nosey sister, Missy, asked while buckling her seatbelt. I didn't answer her. "I knew it!" She shouted.

"I didn't even say anything!" I shouted back.

"You didn't have to" she said smiling.

I just ignored her.

I dropped my keys and phone onto my desk. I was so happy, nothing could ruin my mood. I heard my phone ring and groaned.

"Hello?" I said slightly annoyed. My mood still wasn't ruined though.

"You did it!" I heard through the phone

"How'd you know?" I asked slightly amused.

"Kara" Chris said. Of course she would tell her three best friends right away. "Finally" he added with a laugh.

"Shut up"I said laughing too.

"Alright man, see you tomorrow" he said.

"Ok" I said hanging up.

"Girls tell each other everything" I muttered while laying down. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

--Lisa's P.O.V.--

"I'm assuming you said yes" my dad, Daniel White, said calmly. I pulled out a chair and nodded.

He's a good guy" my mom, Katherine White or (Kathy for short), said earnestly. "It's a shame about his dad though" she finished. We all know his dad is a hardcore alcoholic.

"I just want you happy" my dad said getting up and leaning down to kiss me on the cheek.

"I am" I said joyfully. I watched him walk out and my mom followed shortly after. I walked upstairs and changed into pajamas.

It was a good day. Even if I had to deal with my two annoying brothers.

-Mike's P.O.V.-

I groaned and rolled over slamming my hand down on the off button on my alarm. School finished last week and I'm still waking up this early. The perks of having a summer job. Yeah right.

I grabbed a gray t-shirt and some jeans and took a quick shower. I'm planning the best first date for Lisa. "Mom! I'm going to work!" I yelled walking out the door.

--Lisa's P.O.V.--

"So he just asked?" Paige questioned slightly shocked. I nodded my head yes.

"I was so happy I didn't hear a word my brothers said on the way home" I said cheerfully

"Wow!" Kara said amazed.

"Special delivery for a miss....Lisa White" a guy said.

"Umm... That's me, but I'm at work right now" I said. He handed me a clipboard and pen for me to sign my signature. I looked to the girls in confusion. They just shrugged their shoulders. What's going on? The guy came back with a box and handed it to me.

"Have a good day" he said. I watched him walk out the door. I sat down and put the box on the table in-between all of us. I had ten more minutes before my lunch break was over. We all just stared at the box in shock.

"Open it!" Amy said excitedly. I quickly opened the box and heard Paige gasp. There were daisies. Lots of them.

"There's a card!" Amy said handing it to me. I watched her with curiosity. Her brown curly hair bounced with every move she made. She was really excited.


I'm excited for our date tomorrow night. I hope you like the flowers :)

- 6:00 p.m. xoxo- Mike

"Guys! I have a date tomorrow!" I cheered.

-not edited sorry! Anyways I hope you like. Check my bio for an update schedule :)

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