Fighting Troubles

Lisa White is the average church girl. She has God, Her Friends, her family, and her new boyfriend. Will they make it for the long haul?
Cover by @Georgia.russell thanks :)


3. Chapter 2


~~Lisa's P.O.V.~~

   I couldn't help but watch Mike and Kara talk. Did they like each other?  No way.... Kara said she likes Isaiah... Right? 
"You have nothing to worry about. He knows I called dibs on her" I heard someone whisper in my ear. I turned my head to see Isaiah. He likes Kara! He just told me! I watched Kara come back laughing.

   "What was that about?" I asked.
"Oh nothing" she said popping a fry into her mouth. I wasn't gonna press her. Sure, I liked Mike and I was a little jealous that they were talking but, Kara's one of my best friends. I watched Kara and Chris argue about something and laughed to my self at their brother sister argument. I love those.

   "Why are you laughing?" Someone whispered In my ear scaring me and causing me to jump slightly. I'm gonna kill Isaiah if he keeps catching me off guard like this. I heard him laugh. Wait. That's not Isaiah. "Did I scare you? Sorry!" He said still laughing 
"You're a jerk!" I said playfully sticking my tongue out at him. He kept laughing.
"Why were you laughing?" He asked once he finally calmed down.
"I was laughing at Kara and Chris arguing, if you must know" I said jokingly.

"Hey Mike! Were gonna head out" Chris said interrupting our conversation. I watched Mike wave bye and turn back to me. He opened his mouth to say something but Kara interrupted him.

"I'm leaving, bye" she said waving to me.

"Already?" I asked. 

"Yeah my idiot brother wants to go home" she said jerking her thumb at Chris and shaking her head sadly.


"Bye Mike" she said waving to him. I watched her walk out the door and to Chris's car.

"What were you gonna say?" I asked turning my attention back to Mike.

  "Uh...I-I...umm, don't remember" he stuttered. I noticed the tips of his ears go pink. Cute. What was he gonna say?!? Why won't he tell me?!? I want to know!

  I looked around the table. Isaiah was talking to Amy and Paige was texting.

"Guys I think I'm gonna head home" I said quietly.

"Me too" Mike said getting up. We walked to our cars in silence. I stopped at my car. 

"Lisa!" Mike called out. I turned around and he was almost to his car. I watched him jog back to me.
"Listen, I wanna know if you want to-"
Wait!" Someone called out. I saw my two younger brothers, josh and Jeff, running towards us.
"Guys! I can't run in heels!" Missy, Mike's younger sister, called out trailing behind them. Oh great, I almost forgot my brothers.

   "That would have been bad" Mike said under his breath.
"I know I would get my car taken away forever" I said.
"Did you guys really almost forget us?" Missy asked once she caught up. Neither of us answered. I was still focused on what Mike was about to ask. I watched as my brothers started to tease missy.
"If I what?" I asked getting back on topic.
"Ummm" he said nervously scratching the back of his neck. "Will you go out with me?" He blurted out. I watched his face go red did he just ask me out?!? What am I supposed to say? Mike groaned.
"That's a no, huh?" He asked sadly.
I shook my head no and said "yes!" He looked shocked.
"Really?" He asked. I nodded my head yes.

  "Ok" he said slowly "Missy, let's go" he said waving bye. What just happened? I slowly got in the car.
"Ok, were in" josh said, or was it Jeff?
"Lisa! Hello? Anyone in there?" Jeff, at least I think it was Jeff, asked
"Sorry" I said finally focusing. It was Jeff. 

   "Mom were home!" I called out. I watched as josh and Jeff ran upstairs and into their rooms.
"In the kitchen!" She called out. I walked into the kitchen and saw my dad sitting at the table waiting for me. Oh no, what did I do?

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