Fighting Troubles

Lisa White is the average church girl. She has God, Her Friends, her family, and her new boyfriend. Will they make it for the long haul?
Cover by @Georgia.russell thanks :)


2. Chapter 1


~~Lisa's P.O.V.~~

  "What am I doing?" I mutter to myself as I try on a dress way too small for me. "I should really start throwing away some old clothes" I grumble not wanting to part with any of my clothing.

   "Lisa!" I heard my younger brother Jeff shout.
"Mom's calling you!" Josh, his twin brother, finished off for him.
"Coming!" I yell throwing on a plain purple dress.
"Amy's on the phone" she says handing me the house phone and looking slightly annoyed. Only then do I realize only half of her makeup is done. 'Why didn't she just call me to my cellphone' I think.
"You have 15 minutes to get ready" my mom calls out over her shoulder.

   "Hey!" I say into the phone.
"Be ready in ten!" Amy says quickly hanging up.
"Okay" I say slowly into the empty receiver. 

   I drag myself up the stairs, I guess this dress us just gonna have to do.
"Hey mom, Amy's picking me up. Would you mind talking my car?" I ask knowing she'll say yes. I watch her nod her head yes and walk to my room to finish getting ready.
'Not bad' I think as I look into the mirror. My curls have fallen out, so now my blonde hair is in beach waves. The purple dress I'm wearing fits perfectly. I quickly apply some mascara and I'm slipping on my heels when I hear a honk outside.

 "Mom! I'm leaving!" I shout running out the door.

I jump into the back seat of Amy's car and partially land on Kara.

  "Ow! Get your butt off me!" I hear Kara shout.

"Sorry" I say laughing. I can hear Amy and Paige laughing from the front. I watch as Kara lightly smacks Amy on the arm. 

"Ow!" Amy complains jokingly.

   "Guys, it's my turn to pay. What do you want?" Paige asks.

"Caramel Frap" Kara says without looking up from her phone.

"Strawberry Frap!" Amy and I shout at the same time. Paige laughed and said "Alright, I'll get the same. You always gotta be the odd one out huh Kara?"

"One caramel Frap and 3 strawberry fraps all venti please" Amy ordered.

     There was a guy around my age at the drive through window "Alright, one caramel Frap and three strawberry fraps to go" he said.

I couldn't help but notice he was checking out Amy. I nudged Kara and she looked up from her phone to watch.

"So... Can I get your number?" The guy asked with a smirk.

"Sure" Amy said. Kara snorted next to me and I elbowed her. "Call anytime" Amy said sweetly. We peeled out of the drive through laughing.

"I will never get tired of that!" Amy laughed.

"How long till he realizes it's our church flyer?" Kara asked.

"Two weeks tops" Paige answered

-After Church-


   We were all sitting at the local diner. I got my car from my mom but the deal was I had to take my brothers home after the fellowship. All is girls were sitting in a booth. Paige and Amy were on one side, and Kara and I were on the other.

   "When will he stop being so dense?" Kara groaned.

"I know!! It's obvious you like him" Amy whispered

"Thanks" Paige said sarcastically "Besides he probably doesn't even like me" Paige muttered.

"My brothers an idiot" Kara said under her breath, I couldn't help but snort.

"Heard that!" Chris, Kara's brother, muttered as he and Isaiah walked by our table. I watched as Isaiah tripped and blushed. He was always so clumsy around Kara. It was cute... I think.

   "Any luck on Mike?" Amy asked ,interrupting my thoughts, once Chris and Isaiah were out of ear shot. I sighed.
"No!" I shouted "I swear he's so oblivious" I said lowering my voice,
"He's an idiot too!" Kara chimed in.
"Stop calling everyone an idiot" Paige said slightly annoyed but mostly joking.
"She can't help it if they're all idiots" I said laughing.

    I watched as Mike walked to where Isaiah and Chris were sitting. Chris stole one of Mike's fries. Mike smacked him on the back of the head and Isaiah burst out laughing. I heard Kara sigh loudly beside me.

   "What?" I asked.
"What?" She repeated. Completely zoned out. What was going on in that mind?
"Why'd you sigh?" Amy asked
"I didn't sigh" Kara said laughing.
"Okay..." Paige said.

   "What are you guys doing tomorrow?" I asked hoping to hang out after work.

"I have band practice" Paige said cheerfully.
"Nothing" Amy said. We all looked at Kara for her plans.

"What?" She asked blushing slightly.
"What are you doing tomorrow?" I repeated.
"Oh, nothing" she chuckled.
"You guys wanna go see a movie?" I asked. We all started laughing.

   "What's going on here?" Chris asked sliding into my side of the booth squishing Kara in between us. I watched as Mike slid in next to Paige, across from us, and Isaiah pulled up a chair. I looked at Paige in shock. The guys never sit with us! Paige just shrugged and kept eating her fries.

   "Were gonna go see a movie" I said answering Chris's question. Mike looked at me in shock.

"Dude, she joking" Isaiah said putting a hand on Mike's shoulder. I watched as Mike turned bright Red. Of course we weren't gonna go watch a movie, not with all that junk their showing on the tv's and in movie theaters. I mean, not everyone wants to see half naked people and hear a bunch of cussing.

~~~~~Mike's P.O.V.~~~~~

Of course she's joking. Why would I be dumb enough to believe that she would actually go to the movies? I always make myself look. Dumb in front of her. I could feel my ears turning pink.

"Blushing Mikey?" Chris teased. I swear I'm gonna kill him. I felt Isaiah kick me under the table and I shot him a glare.

'Do it' he mouthed. I shook my head no.
"I'm gonna go get a refill" I said standing up. Isaiah got up and followed.

  "What are you doing?" I hissed.
"You're supposed to ask her out!" He said defending himself.
"I can't! I'm nervous!" I said truthfully. 
"Whatever" Isaiah said handing me my drink and walking back to the table.

  "No way! Guys are way better rappers!" Chris was arguing with Paige.

"Hey Kara, can I talk to you really quick?" I asked. 
"Sure" she said making Chris get up from the booth.



-Hey guys! So I hope you liked the first chapter. I know this book won't be getting much feedback cause it's  a christian book but that's cool. For those of you guys who do read it. I hope you like it and feel free to comment any time! -xoxo miriam :)





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