A New Beginning [l.h.]

I'm Ariana Hope Manshire.
I'm seventeen years old.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, hehe (:
But I kind of got into a small problem.
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


15. 1.5


I told Luke I would stay.

I'm glad he told me, because honestly, I wanted to stay too.

I would go back to my dad if he didn't.

"Do you want to do something fun?" He asked me.

"Yes, of course," I smiled.

"Okay, what do you want to do?"
"Find a playground!" I laughed.

"Okay!" He laughed as well.

We went outside and he grabbed his bike from the garage.

"I don't have a bike," I said.

"Get on my skateboard," he said.

"I can't skate-"

"Ride next to me and I'll hold your hand," he stated.

"Okay," I laughed, "but if I die, it's on you.

"You won't. I promise," he smiled at me.

"I believe you..."
I took his hand and he rode down the driveway.

"This is actually really fun!" I yell over the sound of the wheels on the asphalt.

"I know!" He looked back at me.

After about twenty minutes, we found a playground.

"Yay!" I jumped off of the skateboard and ran to the swings.

He smiled and ran behind me.

We stood up on the swings and swung back and forth.

"You should jump off!" He smirked.



She jumped off. She landed on her feet but flopped to the ground.

"Ari?!" I jumped off and ran to her.

I rolled her onto her back.

Her eyes were shut.

Her eyes shoot open and she makes funny face, "I got you!"
She stood up and ran to the bike and skateboard.

"Ariana Hope Manshire! Get back here!" I yelled and chased after her.

She grabbed my bike and started riding away.

"Ari!" I whined and grabbed the skateboard.

I rode after her.

She was gone.

I walked up a huge hill that I couldn't skate up.

"Hi!" I heard her yell.

I turned around. She wasn't there.

"Lazy butt! Climb to the top of the hill!" I could hear her laugh.

I reached the top and she was sitting beside the bike in the middle of the road.

"You're gonna get killed," I breathed heavily.

"Unless you die first," she smirked.


"I had fun with you," she plopped onto her bed.

"I had fun with you too," I smiled at her as she dozed off. "And I love you," I kissed her head and went to the kitchen.

"Did you two have fun?" My mom turned to me.

"Lots," I smiled to myself.

"That's good. I'm making Chicken Casserole. Wake her up when it's ready?"
"Sure," I nodded and walked to the living room.


I woke up. I could smell dinner.

Just then my phone rang.

"Hi, dad."

"Hey! So I found this really cool place that we could-"
"Dad? Do you think I should stay here?"
"Oh...Well...I don't know. I would like you to come here with me. You're my little girl. You're all-"
"All you have left. Got it. Thursday it is," I slammed my phone onto the nightstand.

I knew he would lie saying I could make my choice. He thought saying I could would make me want to stay with him. But as soon as I try to make a choice, he basically tells me no.

And I have to listen to him. I'm not eighteen until July. And it's March.

How am I supposed to tell Luke?
"Dinner's ready," he slung my door open.

I looked at him.

"Oh, sorry. I thought you were still asleep."
"It's okay," I fake smiled and walked downstairs with him.


I went upstairs and called Calum.

"Hey, Ari."
"Calum...I told Luke I was staying. I was. I swear. Today."
"My dad said I had a choice and as soon as I tried to make one, he said no. Calum I don't know what to do."
"Don't go."
"I'm still a minor. I have to..."
"You gotta tell Luke..."
"I don't know how. He'll be devastated."
"I'm really sorry. I hope it works out okay."
"Me too...Bye Calum."
"Bye, Ari."


I could hear Ariana through the walls.

"Ariana? You aren't staying?" I walked in, since her doors were open.

She just looked down.





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