A New Beginning [l.h.]

I'm Ariana Hope Manshire.
I'm seventeen years old.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, hehe (:
But I kind of got into a small problem.
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


9. 0.9

After school I searched for Luke.

I wanted to do something with him.

I sighed.

I couldn't find him anywhere.

I didn't see Michael today.

I pull out my phone and text Luke.

Ariana: Luke? Where are you? The bus will leave soon!"

Luke: I'm coming..K

I sighed again.

He still seemed pissed.

I shoved my phone into my back pocket and boarded the bus.

After a few minutes, Luke finally got on the bus.

He awkwardly sat next to me.

"Hey, um, do you want to hang out tonight?" I asked him.

He looked out of the window, "Maybe. I'll see."

"Oh. Okay then."
The bus came to a stop for me.

I stood up.

"Text me soon if you want to," I nodded, trying to hold back tears.

He didn't reply.

I stepped off of the bus and stand on the sidewalk in front of my house.

I didn't move. I began to cry and I looked behind me.

Luke's hands were on the window as he watched me while the bus drove off with him.

I dropped my bag and fell to my knees.

I didn't talk to Calum all day.

Nor to Michael.

Barely any to Ashton or Ashley.

And Luke hates me.

I miss my dad.

And I sure do miss my mom.

I walked inside and looked around the empty house.

I decided to call my dad.

"This is Paul Manshire. I'm sorry I could not reach your call. Leave a message and I'll call back soon."

I cried harder.

"Daddy? It's me, Hope. I need you. I miss you...All I want is to at least to talk to you and I'll feel better. I love you."

I ended the call and stormed to my room.

I called Calum.

No answer.

I called Michael.

No answer.

I called Luke.


"Luke? I heard you pick up the phone..."

"Hi. Is everything alright?"
I lied.

"Okay, why call then?"
"Do you w-want to hang out tonight?"

"I don't know."
I began to cry.

"Wait, Ari? Are you crying?"
"Y-yes. I'm just really lonely right now..."

"Come over please."

He told me his address.

I walked to his place.

I knocked.
As soon as the door opened, he threw himself into my crying self.

I hugged back tightly, sobbing

He led me inside.

He held my face in his hands.

I calmed myself down.

He searched my eyes, "I saw you crying earlier...I felt- I feel so horrible. I-I'm sorry."
"Don't be...I just miss my mom and dad. And Calum and Michael won't answer my calls."
"I'm still sorry...I pushed you away. I need you though. Terribly."
He placed his lips onto my forehead.

"So do I."



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