A New Beginning [l.h.]

I'm Ariana Hope Manshire.
I'm seventeen years old.
I have brown hair and blue eyes, hehe (:
But I kind of got into a small problem.
// Original product of Olivia Turner. Do not copy or share without permission. ©2015


7. 0.7

I walked to his house and knocked on the door.

He opened it and looked at me, "Hey Ari..."

"Are you really sick?"

"A hello would have been nice..."


"I'm fine.." He looked down.

"Michael," I placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Do you even want to be friends? Like do you like me? I feel like the lies and rumors will get into your head.." He glanced up at me.

"Michael. I like you. You are a great friend. Okay. Don't worry," I leaned in to kiss his cheek in a friendly way and he abruptly turned his head, making me kiss his lips.

It was a rough, unexpected kiss.

I pulled away. I was so nervous. A guy like that kissed me? I thought he didn't like it so I ran out.

How could I have been so rude? I called Luke to talk.


"Luke. It's me..Ari."

"Hey," I could feel him smile basically.

"Hey..I think I screwed up with Michael.."

"You guys don't like each other like that so what-"

"We kissed."

"Wait what?"

"I thought he didn't like it so I ran off and I think he is mad.."


"I need help."

"I don't know what to do." He said shortly.


What just happened?

I feel bad.

I knew Luke had stuff going on, so he probably just didn't want to handle anyone else's problems.

I respected that.

A/N: Hiiii(: I haven't updated this in forever so it's a short chapter..

But I'll be updating this again.

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