Robin Hood: A Different Story....

My name is Robin, I am just another nerdy and normal girl you would find at school. Besides my other identity.

I will live, I will fight, and everybody will fear my name.

I am Robin Hood and forever these words will haunt you. When the darkness comes I will be watching, waiting, wondering how a world that looks so peaceful is filled with so much hatred and torture.

But just listen.... Even if the world looks like a terrible and evil place, there is always more good in this world than bad.


3. Strange Men and a new Power

   I tried to open my eyes but the bright light made me close them. I tried to blink a couple of times but I could not see. The light was brighter than the sun with an orange tint to it. I finally just opened both of my eyes at the same time and saw a white room with blood on the floor and on some white clothes that were hanging up. I looked at my arm and it was stitched up with a black cloth around it.

   My heart was racing like a drum and my head was spinning like I just got hit by a bus. There was a light shining on me which was making me not able to open my eyes. I looked around and saw I was on a metal table and a small wooden table next to me had scissors, small knifes, tweezers, and some other things to cut people open or fix wounds. I was screaming inside but completely calm on the outside. I tried to sit up but I couldn't, I looked down and saw I was chained to the table. I struggled to move and try to slip out but my hand was too big. So I laid there quietly and alone but not scared. 

   I was still wearing the same clothes that I was wearing earlier, but they were filled with blood. I attempted to move and get out but before I could someone came into the door. "My dear I see you are awake." He said with an devilish grin.

   "Where am I?!" I asked harshly

   "I will untie you but if you run away I do warn you that the doors are electrified, there are no windows, and the walls are made of the strongest material in the world. We saw your fighting skills. With all the rage you have we could make you into something.....more."

   "What do you mean something more! I should be at home with my dad eating dinner not being captured and treated like a lab rat! Now WHERE AM I!!!" I said in a very loud tone to make myself heard.

   "You are in a secret Government facility called A.S.F (American Soilder Facility.) where we are testing a new experiment on trained soldiers

   "But I am not a sol-"

   "Yes I know but your fighting skills are amazing and all the anger you have adds extra fun."

   "Let me go!"

   "I can't because you don't know how to control your powers yet."

   "Powers?! What are you talking about?"

   "All good things come in time." He said with a grin.

   He then turned around and left me alone.


sorry this a short chapter I have been busy so I will try and make the next one longer. 

until next time my rainbow sprinkles

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