Robin Hood: A Different Story....

My name is Robin, I am just another nerdy and normal girl you would find at school. Besides my other identity.

I will live, I will fight, and everybody will fear my name.

I am Robin Hood and forever these words will haunt you. When the darkness comes I will be watching, waiting, wondering how a world that looks so peaceful is filled with so much hatred and torture.

But just listen.... Even if the world looks like a terrible and evil place, there is always more good in this world than bad.


2. A Disaster At Seven O'clock

   I woke up at 11:43 and thought about leaving to get there early because it gets dark really early and I don't want to walk in the dark. I went into our small living room, turned all of the lights off, and left while locking the door because my dad must have left on his date while I was sleeping. I wanted to walk because the fast food place was not that far away. I brought my phone and some money just in case he does not pay for the meal. 

   When I got there there were only three people in line and Jimmy was sitting at one of the tables with a medium soda and his face stuffed in a large plate of ribs. When he saw me he told me with food still stuffed in his mouth that he got me a small coke with a salad, so I thanked him and sat down. We talked about school and joining clubs. I knew Jimmy because my mom used to work with his mom and no matter where I move we have always stayed super close friends.

   When we got done talking it was 6:56. So I told him I had to leave and he offered to drive me home. "I am fine." I said. "My house is not that far away."

   So I walked home as he drove away. It was a good thing I brought a jacket because it was nighttime already and since it was Spring I was freezing. I looked around and there were not a lot of lights on in the street. No cars were out driving around so it was silent with a cool breeze that would tickle up my spine. The air was cold so every time I breathed out there was this cold breath of air that looked like a cloud as it faded away. There where lots of alleyways without light but I was not scared. 

   "HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE!!!" Is the next thing that I heard. It was coming down one of the alleyways so I took my phone out but it was dead somehow. So I started screaming for anyone to come over and notice the commotion. Nobody came and before I knew it there was a bag over my head suffocating me but I was not going down that easily. I punched him in the gut then stepped on his foot with my high heel sneakers and ran but I tripped for a second on what I think was a rock. 

   I was blindfolded so I kept bumping into things and running slow enough for the enemy to catch up as I kept tripping, but I won't stop running. Not even when my legs felt like collapsing and I was covered in bruises and blood. I would not stop no matter what my brain told my body, I couldn't because my life depends on it. I quickly turned around a corner and found my way through the dark. I tried to take the bag off but it was on really tight.

   I finally got the bag off and hid next to a dumpster. I heard them shout "come out, come out sweetheart. We ain't going to hurt you." I turned the corner and saw his face. It was scratched and scarred filled with cuts. He was half bald and the other half of his head was gray and curly, he had very pail skin, and his eyes were a mix of gray and blue. I decided I would make a run for it when he was distracted. So I threw a rock at another dumpster that was far away from me and ran.

   I dashed through the alleyway feeling faster then the wind until something very strong caught my jacket and cut my already bruised arm. Dark, thick, red blood came gushing out. I looked up and I was caught on a sharp tree-branch. They where catching up so I tried to escape and get it off faster but it was not working. Before I knew it I was jabbed by something sharp in my back. I collapsed and only saw dark shadows circle around me as the blood poured out of me. But I did not want to give up so I tried to get up but they pushed me down and I felt something sharp jab into my arm again. I felt cold and helpless so I just laid there as they put another bag over my head, picked me up, and carried me off.



sorry this chapter is so short. I have been having writers block and I still do. so don't judge me and the next one may be long or may be short. 

thanks for reading my book until next chapter my rainbow sprinkles

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