Robin Hood: A Different Story....

My name is Robin, I am just another nerdy and normal girl you would find at school. Besides my other identity.

I will live, I will fight, and everybody will fear my name.

I am Robin Hood and forever these words will haunt you. When the darkness comes I will be watching, waiting, wondering how a world that looks so peaceful is filled with so much hatred and torture.

But just listen.... Even if the world looks like a terrible and evil place, there is always more good in this world than bad.


1. Robins Life

   I woke up screaming and feeling coldness all around me. I looked to the side of me and saw all of my covers on the dark brown wooden floor. Another nightmare, I thought to myself as I looked at the sweat on my pillow and sheets.

   I looked at my brown worn out clock and it said it was 7:00 A.M. I decided to grab some coffee at the gas station and bring some for my dad. I put on some gray leggings and a orange sweatshirt with my mothers golden locket around my neck. I put my hair in a braided bun and looked in the mirror for a second and observed my dark brown chocolate eyes with my ginger brown hair and decided to only put some lipgloss and eyeliner on. I headed out through the hallway into our cramped apartment kitchen filled with rust and dirt.

   I grabbed a banana for a quick snack as I rummaged for the keys. I headed out the door making sure not to slam it. When I got to the gas station it was busy but it was always busy, especially on weekends because it was the only gas station in town.

   I just grabbed some rich and dark coffee with vanilla creamer that made my tastebuds tingle. My dad likes the strong kind that I cant drink because it will make me throw up all over someones shoe.

   "Robin, having a good day?" The cashier Jimmy asked me. He was a skinny man with curly brown hair and dark brown skin. He had a chubby face with brown eyes that would sparkle every now and then.

   "I don't know Jimmy? I just woke up and grabbed some coffee, my day has not really started yet." I replied

   "Well do you want to go and grab some lunch with me later at Applebee's because I heard they are having a big lunch special with big and juicy ribs. So do you want to come?"

   "I don't know my dad might want me to work on my chores and then eat lunch with him so it is really not-"

   "No I understand you don't want to hang out with Jimmy that's alright I am cool with that. I will just go and eat ribs alone." Jimmy said with a sad tone as he looked down.

   "Finnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee but only for lunch because my dad will be expecting me to come home and eat dinner with him."

   "Thanks Robin." He said smiling with his chubby cheeks.

   I left and hopped in my white and scratched Impala while I headed home. When I opened the door my dad was sitting on the couch watching boxing. I coughed so he could notice my presence. He saw the coffee and donuts and told me to come and sit next to him, so did.

   After watching an hour of live boxing on TV my dad got up and told me he was going to hop into the shower because he had a date at a fancy restaurant so he left me there on the couch as I stared at the ceiling thinking about my cruddy life and starting a new school tomorrow.

   My father can not keep one steady job so I have been to eight different schools throughout the country in this year. Which is hard for a girl in High School. We stay in an apartment for two months then we travel to find a new job and right now we are in Minnesota looking for a job to fit the bill but my dad is not the best employe so I had to get a job and every single job I have worked for is disgusting and in the kitchen it smells like rotting fries.

   My mother died from a car accident with a head on collision from a drunk driver when I was six. Ever since that day I took control of my life and have been taking care of myself for eleven years.

   My dad was still a great man and did not smoke or drink but when mom died its like a piece of him shut down, the responsibility side just disappeared from him. He still takes care of himself but he forgot all about me. My father had blue eyes and black hair with gray hairs sticking out. His face was pail and tired looking with bags under his eyes but he was still a handsome forty-five year old man with a smile that could light up the whole town. But he never smiles anymore, or even laughs.

   I got off of the couch and swept the floor, vacuumed the carpet, ate an apple, turned on the radio, read a short book, wiped down all of the tables with disinfecting wipes, and dusted the apartment until I heard a knock at the door. I paused for a moment because we were not expecting anyone to come today so I slowly inched my way to the door as I opened it with the chain lock still on it. I poked my eye through the crack and it was my best friend Ethan.

   I asked him why he was here but his green eyes only stared into my eyes as he said as calmly as possible "I need to talk to you." So I closed the door and unlocked the chain. Just when I was going to open the door he ran into our place and started to look around. "What's wrong Ethan?!" He turned to look at me and said "he's coming Robin and you have to protect us. Please I am begging you, don't let him kill me."

   "Who are you talking about?" I asked.

   "Red is coming. He is killing people to get answers as we speak. You have to protect me, please Robin I am begging you!" He screamed at me. I told him yes of course and this seemed to calm him down. After that I told him to take the bus and go home because he could have been drunk or be delirious. When he was gone I hopped in my bed and took a nap before I left to go to lunch with Jimmy.

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