High School Love.

Ok so this is about how Serena finds out that she likes Joshua, and Serena's best friend Maddy and Brad keeps bugging her to ask him out. Then it gets crazy.. Will Serena date Joshua or Brad...?


3. True Love?

"Hey Brad!!"  "Hey girl,that kiss last night... it was uh hot:)"   "Hahaha it was I agree." "How was ur's and Brad's kiss?  "Um it was perfect but I'm confused.." "Oh what for?"  "I uh umm think I like you and Josh.."  "Oh Serena I waited a long time for you to say that!!, hey meet me at Maddy's!! "Oh uh ok!" *Arrived to Maddy's*  "Hey Brad!!!"  "Hey um lets go upstairs.."  -Oh my fucking god... me and Brad are getting ready for something... im actually pretty scared.-  "Um Serena I know you like Josh but I like you a lot and I'm wondering if we could try to date? "YES Brad! I'd love to." "Great!,he leans in for a kiss. -turned out we started having sex...it actually was nice! I think I like Brad more then Josh :0-  

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