High School Love.

Ok so this is about how Serena finds out that she likes Joshua, and Serena's best friend Maddy and Brad keeps bugging her to ask him out. Then it gets crazy.. Will Serena date Joshua or Brad...?


1. Spin The Bottle

*School bell rings* "Hey  Maddy, meet me after class I have to tell you something very important!"    "Of course just make sure its not about them fantasy dreams you have!,Maddy says joking around.   -After Class-   "So what did you wanna tell me?" "Um well I think I uh like Josh(ua)...,Serena says while blushing.  "Oh that's great! Did you know that my brother is great friends with him, so Josh comes over a whole bunch!!!"  "Oh haha I never knew that." -Brad shows up- "Whats new?,Brad says handsomely. "Oh nothing I just told Maddy who I like." "You should tell me,you can trust good ole Brad!" "Oh well ok,its Joshua..." "Really?,he laughed. "Im wayyy better then him." "Hahaha in your dreams."  "Hey Maddy is it ok if I stay at your house for the night?" "Fuck yeah its gonna be fucking awesome! Maybe Joshie will be there;)" "God just shut up,as Serena laughed

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