High School Love.

Ok so this is about how Serena finds out that she likes Joshua, and Serena's best friend Maddy and Brad keeps bugging her to ask him out. Then it gets crazy.. Will Serena date Joshua or Brad...?


4. Happily Ever After

"Hey Maddy..."   "Yeah?"  "Im in love with Brad.... like I had sex with him last night and no I wasn't drunk... and I LIKED IT!" "...WHAT?! Oops..." "What did you do?"  "I asked Josh out for you.. he said maybe..."  "TELL HIM NEVER MIND NOW!!"  "Hey babe!,Brad walked over and gave me a kiss." -I thought of having sex again with him but I think it would be bad cuz im in school.- "Hey Maddy me and Brad are skipping school and uh you know hahaha." "Oh alright byeee!!!" "Byeee girl!"   -Me and Brad had sex again and then we dropped out of school and um I got pregnant.. but before I found out yes we got married. Then Maddy and her man got married,and we bought a mansion and all lived together... now its happily ever after history... 

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