Fairy Tales

The little kingdom of Fallen, Georgia, Becka, and Desiree all knew the legends about the mythical lore based there. But on each of their 13th birthday learn they a part of that mythical lore. What will happen to these girls? You just gotta find out? *Cover by Dystopia*


4. Magic at the Ball-Georgia

I feel the crown upon my head, as I walk to my bedroom to get changed for the ball. I change into my favorite blue dress and my favorite pair of gloves. As I'm about the room as I see something, it's a crystal on my bed... As I touch it grew fairy wings! as I look down I see a black dress has replaced my blue dress, along with black fingerless gloves replacing mine. I touch the crystal and it turns into a wand! "Oh, my..." I say as I fly up, I hear a knock on the door, "Georgia are you ready for the ball?" Hayden asks me through the door, "Yea, just a minute!" I respond, as I reach the ground I hold the wand tight and it returns me back to normal.

As I walk through the ballroom doors I see a girl standing in the corner in a long black dress with black hair and a cloak on her. I run over to her making sure no one saw me, even her. When I get to her she disappeared... "I'm going crazy..." I mumbled to myself, "Your not the only one going crazy." I hear as I look at Becka... "What's going on with you?" I ask, 'Well.."

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