Fairy Tales

The little kingdom of Fallen, Georgia, Becka, and Desiree all knew the legends about the mythical lore based there. But on each of their 13th birthday learn they a part of that mythical lore. What will happen to these girls? You just gotta find out? *Cover by Dystopia*


3. 13th Birthday-Desiree

I woke up early. Today is the dab I become queen of Novince. My maid Mary walked in. She pulled out a dress and my makeup. After getting dressed she suggested that I cover up my tattoo. It's a wolf. I told her to egg out and I finished my own makeup. My long brown hair was curled and I had practiced walking in these heels for a month. Then I was brought to a large hall in the centre of where all three kingdoms meet. The other two girls had been crowned and were sitting on stage. The doors opened and I walked forward confidently. When I hog to the stage I bowed my head and kneeled. "Desiree Anne Xavier, you are hereby now Queen of Novince." He placed a gold crown with a single Aquamarine jewel on my head. Then i walked over and sat beside the two other queens. Then the man said more stuff and all three of us were escorted to another room.

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