One Direction Imagines

I'll do any kind of imagines. :) Just leave a comment, and tell me the theme. Aka, clean, romantic, sad, etc. and your name, and I'll try my best! (Dirty Imagines are against the rules.. ��)


3. Preferences #1

The way your first kiss went down:


Harry and I snugged close, watching The Notebook for the hundredth time. He watches the two kiss and he stares hungrily at my lips, practically looking as if he was desperate. I laugh as I sit up, face to face, and he crashes his lips into mine. He smiles and says, "You know, we should watch this movie more often." You laugh and hug him tightly.


Me and Liam continued to walk down the pavement of the carnival, seeing there was a Ferris Wheel, Liam practically dragged me all the way there. He stopped for autographs, and a little girl came up to me. I squatted down to her size as she asked, "Are you Liam's girlfriend?" I laugh and nod. She smiles before saying, "You're very pretty. You could be a princess. And Liam could be the frog." She joked as Liam chimed in. "At least the frog gets a kiss, right?" He jokes as I raise my eyebrows before nodding. He wiggles his eyebrows as I laugh and he holds my waist and pulls me in. We pull away and the little girl says, "Now he's a handsome prince." We laugh, take a picture with her and continue to he Ferris Wheel, holding hands.


I watch as my boyfriend, Louis, continues to sing in my direction. A few girls scream but I know he's pointing to me. This is they're last concert for the tour, and as they do a intermission, Louis calls for me to come on stage. The crowd cheers as I walk up to my boyfriend. He smiles, "She has never kissed anyone." He says and I blush in embarrassment, mentally cursing him out. "But I wanna change that, right here, right now." He says, looking me deep in the eyes. He cups my face, pulling me in and our lips connect, moving perfectly in sync. We pull away as he shouts, "I'm [Y/N]'s first kiss! Yayy!" I laugh and sit down next to him for the rest of the concert, him mumbling sweet things in my ear.


Me and Zayn, my best friend, went to a race. I watched as the cars went by fast, me rooting. I sit down and sigh before they do something new, a kiss cam. I was mentally hoping they would land on me and Zayn. I like him, a lot. Once I give up on hope, Zayn taps my shoulder, pointing to the screen, seeing we both were there. My eyes went wide as Zayn holds onto my shoulders, pulling me in. He slipped in his tongue and I do the same. The whole crowd cheers. We pull away and laugh. After that day, Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend, which I happily accepted.


"Have you seen this video?" Niall asks me on our lazy day. I laugh and nod at the girl. We've been dating for almost 4 months. "[Y/N]?" Niall asks and I look at him, waiting for him to continue. "Um.. Well.. The boys dared me to do something." I laugh. "Of course they did." "No," he says and I take him seriously now, "I mean, it's something about our relationship." His shyness is so adorable. "Do what you need to do then." I mumble as he climbs on too of me, and then kisses me. He pulls away and I blush. He laughs and pokes my cheek, saying, "I win the bet, by the way." We made a bet to see who would kiss the other first, and I owe him $5. I hand him the money, sighing and he says, "I love you, [Y\N]." I smile and say, "I love you too, Niall."


These were long but whatever. Lol I hope you like them because I've never done preferences before.

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