all my heart ( Luke Hemmings love//hate story)

she hates him he hates her she from Ireland he's not their both in bands she has known them all her life but luke and her don't get along great why? no one knows except for the boys she takes them on tour with her for a whole year after they finished their tour with one direction they boys belive this is a great way forluke to get his girl . but how . but how can he do that if he treats her like trash. she has deep feelings for him but can she hide them to show she hates him or will it be ruined along with lukes chances of ever getting her


5. this can't be happening

                                                  Lucy's P.O.V.

                                  It has been exactly 3 months since me and Luke have became friends . He must have not liked me that bad cause he has a girlfriend now.  I was sitting on the couch in my tour bus right when his girlfriend walked in. " why do I have to be surrounded by emo faggots" she shouted as I looked up. " you don't have to be but you choose to because you boyfriends here" I said. "im only dateing him cuz I hate you and you don't deserve him" she spat. " no you see that's where your wrong your playing him for money I wouldn't do that you gold digger." I shouted. she slaped me and pushed me to the ground. " you listien here emo faggot just go slit you wrist and be useful cuz singing isn't." she responded and kicked me in my ribs several times and left. I ran to the bathroom and stared and my scared wrist. 'it wouldn't hurt if I put more there' I thought except once I started I didn't stop. and then the hole world just became a black place.


                                             Calum's     P.O.V.

                                      "Lucy" I shouted throught the arena she was no where. I ran to the bus hopeing she over slept and nothing bad happen but in my luck something did happened. an ambulance took someone away as I watched Luke shout at his girlfriend saying its over. I walked on the bus to see Hana reading a note. I saw tears in her eyes that's wheni knew what kind of note it was. a suicide note. "  Mate Hana was the one who found her" luke said and then I knew. my sister tried doing suicide again.

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