all my heart ( Luke Hemmings love//hate story)

she hates him he hates her she from Ireland he's not their both in bands she has known them all her life but luke and her don't get along great why? no one knows except for the boys she takes them on tour with her for a whole year after they finished their tour with one direction they boys belive this is a great way forluke to get his girl . but how . but how can he do that if he treats her like trash. she has deep feelings for him but can she hide them to show she hates him or will it be ruined along with lukes chances of ever getting her


4. Friends

 " well you should tell her" I said with a smile on my face but inside my heart shattered. " I cant she hates me for what I did to her"  he said and sighed. " she probley forgave you by now luke just call her up and tell her" I said handing him his phone. he dialed in the number and then my phone rang.
        End of preview 

                   Lucy's P.O.V. 

          I was a little confused at why my phone was ringing. So I answered it anyway. 
"Hello" I muttered into my phone.
"Yes is the Lucy  hood Calum's sister" said the voice 
"Yeah who's calling" I asked 
"We'll if you wanna know turn around " said the voice. 
      So I did  and standing behind me was Luke he ended the call and put his hands on both sides of my face. " Lucy I have loved you since I met you I know I was a complete ass to you I just couldn't help to know your way out of my Limit  and it hurt to know you could have any guy you wanted  but why would you want to settle down with me I'm just plain old Lucas Robert Hemmings who hurt you when you could have anyone you want" he said as I smiled 

    " your right Luke I can have anyone I want but each time you were rude or mean to me I forgave you yeah I hated you but those feeling turned into love and I hated that I love you I still do well that was into till day when you told me you love me. I love you nobody else" I said as he picked me up and spun me around. " can we start over as friends and if things go well we can be more the. That ? "  he asked as I nodded. " yeah I'd like that". I replied as he smiled and hugged me. " let's see if I can be your friend for 2 months" he said as I giggled. "More then that" I said as he rolled his eyes. "Fine " he said as I giggled. " about time you two get along" the voices of our friends said as me and Luke laughed. " go you stink Hemmings go get your shower" I said flopping on my bed with a massive smile on my face.

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