My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


8. Chapter 8. Late Night Conversasions

Keely's P.O.V.

I woke up at around midnight and groaned realizing I slept 6 hours. I went downstairs to get something to eat since I didn't eat dinner. I looked down and realized I was wearing the same clothes from the interview. 

"Hey love, why aren't you sleeping," I'll looked over to see Zayn on the couch. 

"Why aren't you sleeping," I shot back. 

"I was kicked out of the den because I was snoring to loud," Zayn sighed.

I laughed and nodded, "That sounds like something ok something they would do. I just came to get something to eat." I grabbed a glass of orange juice and a pear. 

"I'm gonna go on a late night run, wanna come," you slipped on your running shoes you left at the door, so you could run whenever you want to. 

"Uh sure, just let me get my shoes on," Zayn slipped his shoes. "The boys have been getting on me lately about not exercising." We ran towards the town.

"Do you wanna stop somewhere," I asked Zayn pointing towards a park. Zayn nodded and we went to sit on the swings.

"So, how long have you known Lou," Zayn quetioned. 

"Since middle school when I became friends with Briana. I would go to her house and would bump into Louis who was in the year above us," I explained, "What about you."

"Oh cool. I fist meet Lou once we were put together at bootcamp. One more question, why do you and El hate eachother so much," Zayn ran his through his hair.

I sighed and kicked the dirt underneath the swings, "I dated her brother all throughout Senior year but broke up with him a week before i left to America for college. She then came over to my house and yelled at me for being unreasonable. We got into a screaming match then she slapped me. I pushed her back. Before i knew what was happning, she was ontop of me punching me in the face until Megan pried her off of me. I didn't mean to break his hurt, i just knew we wouldn't be able to have a long distance relationship."

"I am so sorry. I cant imagine how hard it must be to see her dating your crush," Zayn apologized.

"I do not like Louis," I defended.

"You so do like him. Either Lou or Liam," Zayn argued. 

"Let's just go back," I got off the swing and starred walking. "By the way, I like Lou, Liam is too innocent and nice."

"I knew it," Zayn shouted in victory. We walked into the house only to find Lou, Liam, and Cheyenne looking at us. 

"Where were you guys, you had us terrified," Liam yelled.

"We just went for a late night run," Zayn sighed.

"At 2 in the flipping morning. You could of at least told someone," Cheyenne lectured us.

"Look we're sorry.I didn't expect it to take 2 hours for us to run into town and back," I explained.

"Keely, can I talk to you for a moment," Lou dragged me in the other room.

"How could you spend two hours with my best friend," Lou looks at me with disappointment in his eyes.

"I just asked him if he wanted to go on a run with me because I didn't want to go alone. I didn't know we would be gone for so long. We only stopped for a little bit at the park," I looked down avoiding his gaze. 

"You went on a date with my best friend," Lou wiped a tear from eye.

"No we were just talking as friends. Am I not allowed to hang out with other guys now. Also why would you care, you are going out with Eleanor, my enemy," I sassed back.

"Isnt it obvious Keely, I love you," Lou cupped my face before slowly leaning in.

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