My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


7. Chapter 7. The Interview

Keely's P.O.V.


I ran into the other room to try and find someone to talk to. I accidentally made the mistake of opening a random door to find Niall kissing a girl with blue hair.


They stopped and the girl looked at me, "Who is this Ni," she asked.


"What the hell is a Ni," I mumbled. Niall just laughed.


"It's my nickname for him, duh," the girl stated like it was obvious.


"Oh um ok. Well have either of you seen Liam or the other girls," I questioned.


"Why would we know where they are if we were making out," the girl shot back. I just scoffed and walked out making sure to mumble 'b***' loud enough for her to hear. She gasped and started yelling a string of profanities towards me. I pretended not to hear and just opened the next door. I quickly closed it after seeing Harry on the phone. I moved onto the next one revealing the bathroom. Finally I found Liam in the library reading To Kill A Mockingbird.


"Thank god I found you," I sighed in accomplishment.


"Eager much," Liam chuckled his eyes crinkling.


"You have a cute laugh," I awkwardly coughed after realizing what I just said.


"Uh. Sorry I didn't mean to sound so.....weird."


"No worries," Liam said putting down his book. Liam's phone soon went off signaling a text message.


"Paul, our manager, just texted me telling us to get ready for an interview at 7," Liam read.


"M'kay I'll just leave you to get ready," I said walking towards the door.


"Actually, Paul told me to tell you girls that you will be joining us. We will introduce you all as close friends to stop any rumors of dating," Liam told me while walking towards me. I nodded and went to get ready. I changed into a blue zipup crop top, ripped, black skinny jeans, sneakers, and a The Nightmare Before Christmas SnapBack. I put my hair in a fishtail braid and grabbed my Queen hoodie and walked down the stairs.

"Wait you're going in that," Harry asked me bluntly.


"Uh yeah. Is there something wrong with this," I eyed my outfit. It is a bit strange.


"No it's just the rest of the girls are wearing dresses or skirts and makeup," Harry said eyeing me. Louis came in the room and his breathe hitched as he saw me. I quickly covered my exposed stomach with my hoodie I was holding and adjusted my glasses.


"Are the rest of the girls ready yet," Zayn asked. As soon as he said that, all the girls came down in dresses and heels. All except Cheyenne who was wearing cowboy boots. I quickly looked down, embarrassed about under dressed I am. Liam grabbed my hand in assurance as Eleanor quickly walked over to Louis. The car arrived and we all piled in. The order went in one row Brianna, Eleanor, Louis, me, then Liam. The second row had Sydney, Megan, Cheyenne, Erin, then Claire. In the last row Niall, Harry, and Zayn sat.


We arrived shortly after and got out before thanking the driver. Paul escorted us backstage and we were all wired with sets so that the audience will hear us. The boys went onstage and after about 10 minutes all of the girls besides Eleanor-since she was already onstage next to Louis- were pushed up the stairs. We all sat down on an extra couch and were introduced by the boys. Megan, Brianna, Erin, and Cheyenne said hi, while Sydney, Claire, and I just waved. The interviewer asked us a few questions which we quickly answered and we were all dismissed from the stage. The boys finished up and the car pulled up. Everyone got back into the original spots and the car pulled into the driveway. I jumped out and soon I collapsed on my bed.

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