My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


5. Chapter 5. Trying to Make Things Better

Liam's P.O.V.


I was going to check on Keely since she ran upstairs and I found her crying.

"What's wrong love," I asked while rushing to her side. I picked her up into my arms and sat back down on the bed. She just cried in my arms for a few minutes before mumbling 'nothing.'

"Oh C'mon we both know that's not true," I replied trying my best to soothe her.

"Well Lou is dating even though I hate her. She is always mean to me but Lou just doesn't care," she replied shaking.

"Oh I get if you're jealous," I smirked.

"I am not," she defended. I just laughed and carried her down the stairs against her will. I saw Lou talking to Eleanor and just dropped Keely on his lap.

"What the heck Liam," Keely screamed jumping off of Lou. Eleanor just glared at me then at Keely. Lou saw Eleanor's expression and asked to talk to Keely. After they left the room El went off on me.

"Why would you do that Liam? Louis is my boyfriend not hers ok. Now if you're trying to get then together just stop because Lou is mine and always will be," El sneered.

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