My Childhood Bestfriend

Keely goes to London to meet up with her best friends she hasn't seen since high school. What happens when one of them is the Louis Tomlinson??? Will their friendships survive or will everything come crashing down???


10. Chapter 10. Pool Fun

Keely's P.O.V. 


"Anndd.....done." Liam had just put away the last plate. We both had to hand wash the dishes since the washer decided to stop working. 

I walked upstairs and got dressed into a yellow, floral sundress. I threw on flats and went downstairs. When I got there, it seemed like no one was home. I went outside to find the girls, Travis, and Jacob swimming. 

"There you are Kiwininja." Travis jumped out of the pool and grabbed me. He picked me up bridalstyle and jumped into the pool with me still hanging on to him. 

"Are you serious." I fumed, trying to get my dress to stay down.  I was mad at the fact that my dress always floats meaning my underwear and bare legs are visible. I wasn't too mad at Travis for getting my dress wet, I always wear this dress to parties meaning I get pushed or fall into the pool a lot.Of course, Travis didn't know that. 

"Oh sorry Kiwi. I didn't think you would care." Travis came over to hug me. 

"It's not that. My dress floats." I pointed at my floating dress and bare legs. 

"Oh I get it. To bad Lou isn't here right now." Travis winked at me. 

"Who told you?!?!?" I looked at all the others only to notice Eleanor wasn't there. I felt bad knowing she probably dumped him because of what I said earlier. No doubt, he will hate me for that. 

"Erin." Travis looked at Erin evilly.

"Gee thanks jerk. You promised not to tell." Erin rolled her eyes and continued tanning on her raft. I just laughed and flipped the raft, sending her into the water. She splashed me back, missing and hitting Sydney who was talking to Cheyenne. Sydney splashed Briana. We just all started splashing each other, me still in my dress. Soon enough Jacob put me on his shoulders and I looked to see Erin on Claire's shoulders. Next to us, Sydney and Megan were battling Bri and Cheyenne. 

"Oh you're going down Orange Juice." Claire said and attempted to laugh like a villain. Erin and I began battle. 

"Everybody out of the pool now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I heard a voice I didn't recognize scream. I pushed Erin off of Claire's shoulders causing the mystery man to point at me and tell me to come to him. I just fell back and landed into the water. I swam to the edge and hoisted myself put of the pool. I walked over to the strange man. 

"The rest of you come here as well." The rest of my friends joined me and he continued. "Who are you? What do you think you all were doing? And why are you in a dress? Don't you have a swimsuit like a normal person?"

"Hello, I'm Keely. This is Erin, Claire, Travis, Jacob, Cheyenne, Sydney, Megan, and Briana." I pointed at everyone and continued. "We are staying her because my friend Louis from high school invited all of us for a few weeks. We were just swimming in his pool which he allows us to do. I just came out here to see if they were hungry, but was pushed into the poll. We decided to just have some fun. Now, if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

The man scoffed. "I am One Directions manager. They are inside because I told them to stay there as I rounded you all up." 

"Are you there father, or our herding dog? No so stop telling us what to do." Travis sassed. 

"Just get inside and change clothes." The man led us towards the door. We all followed and went up the stairs. I changed into a black Jack Daniels tank top, pale pink studded short, and combat boots. I went to join everyone else downstairs. Once I walked into the room with Cheyenne, who was wearing orange shorts and a panda tank top with pink flip flops, Erin rushed over to us since she was previously the only girl  in the room. 

"Why did you want to talk to us," Cheyenne walked towards no name, as I started to call the man who has yet to tell us his name. 

"There are too many rumors about some of you dating the boys." No name looked at Cheyenne and I. "So we must clear up these rumors." This time no name looked at Louis and Liam. 

"How do we do that," Cheyenne looked at Liam.

"There are four options. Either you or the boy start dating someone else, you go along with the rumors, you stage a dramatic, fake argument, or you go back to your house." Lou gulped. 

"Who are the rumors about," I asked already knowing the answer. 

"Cheyenne and I and you and Lou." Liam stared at Cheyenne with an intense gaze. This was going to get interesting.

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