Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


7. The Last Dragonborn Legend

During a cold night by the campfire, I asked Colin, "How old were you when your parents died?"

"Sixteen." He replied.

"So you lived up in that shack all by yourself, no relatives to look after you?"

"I learnt to survive on my own."

I whisper, "By hunting deer in your... beast form?"

He picked up a stick, "Yeah."

"My parents died a long time ago. There was a fire at the farm house. My brother helped me out when the roof caved in on top of us. He felt so guilty about our parents never making it out."

He used the stick to draw in the dirt, "How old were you when this happened?"

"About eight, and my brother was fifteen. Roderick found us, he took us on a long trip to Whiterun but... I never saw my brother again."

"Why's that?" He asked.

"He ran up with a sword, and the dragon flew, taking my brother with it. All that remains, is the iron sword he wielded. We keep it in a display case."

"That sounds kind of odd, why would a dragon just take someone?"

"I've been pondering that thought for years. All I can think of, it probably used him to feed their young. But... it's just horrible to think about it like that." My eyes watered with tears.

"You live in Whiterun? Are the Companions still there?"

I replied, "Of course, why?"

"My grandparents were one of the Companions."

"Are they... werewolves?"

"Well... yeah. Most of them are. They've been keeping it a secret for years."

As meat cooked over the fire, everyone gathered up to keep warm with a story by one of the Nords, "Since we're just sittin' here, I have a story to tell. It's called, The Last Dragonborn."

Another said, "Aye, another dragonborn story. We've all heard it."

"Pipe it you weasel, not the way I know it. My grandfather was there, and he told me this story." He continues, "Alduin, The World-Eater returned to Skyrim. The last dragonborn, slain many dragons, and learnt the shout called Dragonrend, to take Alduin down. A hero who saved us all from destruction. With a soul of a dragon and a body of a mortal, he absorbs their soul after they've been slain, giving him power of the thu'um, which is dragon language for shouts.

The dragonborn naturally speaks the ancient tongue of dragons. One he first learnt, and is well known; Fus Ro Dah."

I felt uneasy about the story, Fus Ro Dah? That's the shout the Druagr Overlord called out to force me flying across the cave.

They were with the Dragon Priests, they worshipped dragons as gods. Maybe they learnt the shouts from them. They weren't dragonborn themselves from what I heard. It does take meditation to learn them.

And what they said about the dragonborn absorbing power, the soul of the dragons they've slain. What if... the gold swirly magic was that?

Looking down as meat was carved on our plates, Colin looks to me, "Are you alright miss?" I blink and look up to him, "Yeah, just thinking."


"It doesn't matter."

We ate the venison, and then when it got late, everyone went into their tents to rest as Colin and I stayed out.

I sighed, "You know that story one of the Nords were talking about?"

He replied, "Yeah?"

"I think... I'm..." before I could finish, something rustled in the bushes. I stood with my bow ready, "Who's there?"

Colin pulls out his sword, "Yeah, who?"

One of the Nords walks in awkwardly with a bottle of mead, "Hiyaaa. Whoa... you gonna kill me?"

I put the back the bow, "Sorry. We thought you were something else."

His speech continues to slur, "Aaaalright." He passes out on the rug. As Colin put back his sword I said, "That was... eventful."

I told Colin we should get some sleep since we have a dragon to slay. I never got the chance to tell him what I think I could be. I think it's best if no one knew. I don't want to cause danger to anyone if dragons found out. But what will happen then when we go to slay one and everyone sees me absorb its power?

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