Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


3. Reaching Whiterun

Iron clashed. Skylar stumbles to the ground with the sword tightly in his hand, dropping beside him. Roderick asks him to stand. My brother flings up his sword against his as I watched nearby, sitting up on a rock.

Roderick points down with his sword. "Spread your legs for balance. If I deliver a heavy blow, and you're standing like that, you'll again, fall back on your butt." He moves his feet apart like he asked. I giggle. Skylar takes in a deep breath, and tries again.

Their swords swung, clinging and clanging. As Skylar goes in, Roderick moves aside and trips at his feet, sending my brother face first onto the ground, "Study your enemy, look for weak points." Roderick circled. He gets up again, "Can't I take a break?"

"In battle, there are no breaks." His sword clashed with his. They continued on until Skylar forces him to the ground. He points his sword to him and asks, "Now can I take a break?"

As Roderick was proud of his progress, and quite surprised, he finally allowed it. I guess from the entire struggle Skylar's been put through, made him even stronger.

Their swords rested up against the rock as they sat to drink water from a leather costrel, which is a bottle Roderick carries.

I slipped down to reach one of the swords. Just once I love to touch a real one. I picked it up in both hands, looking up at the blade. I swung it side by side. The feeling was the most wondrous, powerful thing ever. I can feel it in my soul; I knew I was born to wield one.

Roderick watches as I stare up at the blade so fascinated. He's never seen any girl look that way at a sword before. He knew I wanted to fight just as well as any other.

He walks up to me and kneels with a kind gesture, "Would you like to know how to use it?" My eyes lit up, "Really?" He picks up his, "Yep. Now watch what I do." He swings in every direction. I follow to do the same. "Good, good." He moves my hands to a better position on the handle, "Don't overlap. It's a better grip this way, firmer, less chance of a sword being knocked out your hands."

As I continued practicing my swinging, Roderick sits back next to Skylar, "So this fire that burnt down your farm house, any idea what could've done it?" Skylar looks to him, and then looks over to me, "No. But my thoughts bet on a dragon."

Roderick takes the satchel and pulls out a book, "Here." He takes it, and then reads the cover, "2920, Morning Star, Volume 1?" He looks to him, "Read it. It'll teach you the art of combat using one-handed weapons." Skylar opens the book and flips through the pages to read.

Roderick sat by the water and removed his helmet. He splashed some on his face to refresh. I walked up behind him, seeing his blonde hair in a couple of braids down to his shoulders.

I sat by his side, "Roderick." His eyes opened as the water dripped from his nose, "You said you had a daughter once. What happened to her?" He continued to stare down at the lake, "Bandits."

I looked over to Skylar who rolled over in the rug, asleep, "I lost my wife a long time ago, so it was just me and her. And then one day she went missing. I found her ragdoll leading me to the bandits. By the time I got there, it was too late..."

He lowered his head as tears began to fill his eyes. I looked down too, feeling sad. It's terrible to lose your kid, especially to bandits.

The next day, we travelled again down the road through Whiterun Hold. Roderick says we're getting closer to the city.

The sound of wings flapping above followed by a roar made Roderick push the horse to gallop up the road. Ball of flames rolled over in front of us, he pulled up to turn the other way.

The dragon lands in our way. He pulls at the reins again to turn back and stop. He jumps off the horse and pulls out his sword, "Roderick!"

He ignored my voice as he continued to walk up to the beast, "No more running." The dragon raises its head.

Skylar and I couldn't sit here and let him fight a creature with no chance of winning. He takes out a sword and jumps down, yelling as he runs up to the dragon with the sword aimed up in the air.

Roderick hurries to reach the dragon. It rose up its wings ready to fly, roaring. The dragon flew up, knocking back Roderick as he tries to swing his sword, cutting at the feet. It turns to Skylar and swoops down.

His sword drops as the dragon picks my brother up in its claws and flies away into the sky. I run up after them, "Skylar!" I cried out. Roderick holds me back, "Skylar!!!"

I continued to cry, squirming in his grip, "There's nothing you can do for him now!"


"Connie, that dragon has your brother, and we don't know where it's taking him! Whiterun's not that far from us now!"

Once I calmed down and started to cry, he picks me up, "If Skylar stayed back with you, none of this would've happened."

"You were going to get yourself killed. Skylar and I have nobody else; you're like a father to us." I rubbed my eyes.

"Connie..." He trailed off, thinking nothing more to say. He helped me back up on the horse, and continued to ride off up the road.

Roderick's heart weighed heavy after what he heard, 'you're like a father to us.' He never thought it that way, us being like a family. He took us on a journey, where he looked out for us, and trained us. As we reached the gates of Whiterun, the guards allowed us through.

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