Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


9. Falkreath

Falkreath, next location to stay, the men celebrated with rounds of mead and ale. Their first dragon dead and their first dragonborn found to slay it.

Colin kept gazing on the opposite end of the table, his knuckles sitting in beside a bottle of ale. With a vibe of awkwardness, I sat remaining in silence as I felt his eyes on me. He leaned over to whisper, "All this time, it was you." His hand grasped the bottle.

"I know, even for me it's hard to believe."

"Did you know?"

I looked as he drank from the bottle and placed it down, "....Yes." Seeing the nails of his hands grow, he hid them on his lap, "Why didn't you say anything?"

"I couldn't. I'd have to prove I am, and if revealing myself as the dragonborn, I'd cause a danger to everyone, and..! I don't want that." He inhaled deeply, "You could've told me at least... if you need me I'll be asleep." He got up and left.

Looking to the tired werewolf in bed, I sat at the end. His body moves over, and then his eyes open. He sat, "What do you want?"  My lips fell onto his, he held me close. His nails grew long under my shirt, and his skin, growing fur. The claws pressed into my back.

I looked back at him, his eyes were glowing, and his ears were long and pointy, his entire body almost covered in fur.

I closed my eyes, feeling his claws drag over my bare skin. Soon he was a full wolf on top of me. His teeth bore, growling and biting into the flesh of my neck. I screamed, struggling for my life.

Hands gripped my shoulders and shook me, "Miss!?"

I awoke, breathing heavily. My heart thumped like a loud beating drum in my ears. I looked up at Colin who was fully dressed and human in front of me, "It's time to go and train." He said.

Being overwhelmed by the dream, or nightmare I just had of Colin, I can never look at him the same. It either means desire or something entirely different.

I do not have any feelings like that with him. Is it because he's the first Breton I met in forever, or is it the beast inside I find intriguing?

No... Dreams work in strange ways of meaning. I do not know what it means at all.

I held the bow and arrow straight at the target, and released. The arrow hit into the side, that's a first in a long time, Colin was even surprised, "What happened? You never missed before."

"I... I just have a lot on my mind right now."

"Is it about last night?" He asked. I looked to him, "Hey, I'm sorry about what I said back in the Inn. I get a little cranky when I'm..." I finished for him, "Drunk?"


"It's fine. I wasn't thinking about that."

He looked up, "You weren't?"

I pull out another arrow, "No, just this bizarre nightmare I had."

"Care to share?"

I shook my head, "No way."

"Is it that embarrassing?" He asked. The arrow hit near the bullseye. I sigh and look to him, "I just don't want to talk about it, ok?"

He clears his throat and stands with his hands together, "Sorry miss." After another arrow shoots I look back to him and asked, "Why do you keep calling me that?" He looks down, "Just seems proper that way."

"You can call me Connie."

"All right... Connie."

Feeling relaxed, I shot another arrow. This time it hit the bullseye. We left Falkreath to reach the next mountain. We still have a long way to go.

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