Connie Ashford is a young Breton who dreams of becoming a hero like in all the stories she's been told of the dragonborn.
After years of despair from the tragic fire that killed her parents, and her brother Skylar, taken, Connie battles her first dragon.
At the moment of absorbing the soul, she awakened. All the stories were true. She exists as the dragonborn.


4. Bounty

12 Years Later...


Steel melts in the forge of burning embers, hammering it into shape of a fine blade. The sword is ready.

Roderick and I work to sell weapons and armour we make. For a long time he wanted to have his own shop, and with my help, we made that happen, "How much for that iron sword?" A lady asked.

I looked to it sitting alone in its display case. That one sword I wielded for the first time, that one sword Skylar left behind when the dragon... "It's not for sale." Roderick stepped in.

The lady sighs, "Fine." She takes out a bag of gold to give for the steel helmet she's buying for her son, and left.

Roderick put his hand on my shoulder, "Hey, you ok?" I looked to him and replied, "Yes, just that... I can't stop thinking about... when Skylar..." he pulls me in for a hug, "I know. Bad memories still weigh down on you. But it's those memories that make us stronger."

"How can it when all I feel is pain?"

"That pain you feel will one day turn to rage." He brushes my hair. Another customer walks in; I turn to face them at the counter. "I'd like to sell." The man places down an old sword. I sucked in the tears, "Ok." I took out some gold pieces to give. He drops them in his bag and goes to leave, "Thank you ma'am."

I took in the sword over with the others to be sold. Roderick went out to make more at the forge. After closing the shop for the night, he looked down at me as we walked, "You could really use a break with some ale."

I look to him, "You think?"

"Yeah, we could head down to The Drunken Huntsman. They even sell hunting supplies, so we may buy a few things there while we're at it."

We entered the tavern and ordered a couple of drinks. Roderick picked a hunting bow and a quiver full of arrows.

There were wanted posters of bandits pinned to the wall on my right. Just before we left, I asked if there are any bounties available, "Sure miss, the guards just dropped this off." He passes over the bounty letter, "Here you go."

Roderick waited up at the door, "Connie." I snatched up the letter and hid it in my pocket before turning to leave, "Coming."

Taking a breath, and then releasing the arrow, it hit close to the bullseye. Roderick stands by as I take out another one and pull back the bow. I breathed in slowly again, focusing on the target. At my release, the arrow hit straight into the bullseye.

Roderick applauded, "Very good. You're getting better." He pulls out all the arrows and returns them to me.

I pull the quiver off from around my neck and drop them back in, "I really hope so if I am to take down dragons one day."

He held onto my shoulders and said, "You will. You'll be the best hunter out there." I smiled, "You sound like my father."

"Well those many years ago you once said I'm like a father to you." He reminded. "Yeah... I think I remember that." I trailed into thought, "I'm going to go practice this on real animals." I stepped out of the cellar.

Walking through the forest outside of Whiterun, I pull out an arrow and placed it in the bow ready to shoot the first one I see.

A deer pranced away. I pull back the bow aiming for it, and released the arrow. The deer forces to the ground. Seeing it alive with an arrow through its leg, I sigh and pull out a dagger. Resting my hand on the neck breathing deeply, I stab through the ribs. I carved out some meat and tied it in a sack.

I walked up to see smoke rise from behind the bushes. I snuck in to see. Bandits are camping out, four of them. I look at the bounty letter; these were the bandits they've been looking for. I pull out an arrow onto the bow, and aimed it through the bushes to the bandit sitting down in front of me. At my release, the arrow flew into his back, forcing him forward with a groan. The others stood with their weapons drawn, "Who's there!?" One with the shaved head demanded. He looked through the bush, straight at me, "I see you!"

I hurried away as they chased after. I threw off the sack, and dropped the bow, pulling out two steel swords; I turned back as the first bandit ran up with his two-handed sword to strike me down. I swung one up to clash with his and used the other to strike into his chest. He fell as the next one came with two swords on my right. I clanged both with his as the last ran in to take me down on my left, I ducked. He swung, and I cut off his legs with both swords, he fell over yelling in agony. I turned back to the other clashing my swords with his, and fighting until I finally stabbed him in the gut. Turning back to legless here, I finished him off with a stab through the head as he begged for his life, "No, no!"

A dragon flew overhead above the trees. I looked up as it went by and ran after it. Picking up my bow, I hurried to the end, made a stop, took out an arrow and aimed high. The arrow flies right passed its head.

The dragon looks back and turns around, flying its way towards me. I pull out another. As the dragon reached close enough, I release the arrow.

At the moment it hits, the dragon crashes down into the ground in front of me. It lifts up its head, swinging from side to side. It grabs onto the arrow stuck in its eyeball, and goes to pull it out.

I jump on top of its head. The dragon shakes about flapping at its wings. I try to take balance, and take up my sword and strike it through its skull.

The wings stop, and the entire body drops. I pull the sword back out. As the scales began to flake off in embers, I jumped off and took a step back. As the skin of the dragon continues to flake off, a rush of gold magic swirls around my body, beaming with white light and what's all that's left of dragon is now nothing but a skeleton.

I don't know what that was, but it feels familiar to me. I tied up the bandits, and took my sack of venison, and walked back to Whiterun. Stepping in through the doors of The Drunken Huntsman, dragging the bandits over, I earned my gold just for capturing them dead.

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