Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


5. Chapter 5

" Come on you need to go because it says all girls honey," my mom said pulling my arm so that I can get out of bed and into layers of make up and a puffy dress, I groan," Mom why do I have to go if you know perfectly what he did to me, and what if I am not his mate huh? You will make me go for nothing so the answer is no," I say while closing my eyes and falling back so my head could touch the pillow.

"Honey you don't need to go for the mate part you can just party and anyways David will be there," Mom said, she has a point I mean I don't need to go just for the mate thing I mean I can just like party with David and he doesn't need to see me.

"Fine," I said while rolling my eyes and my mom giggled and gave me a huge smile," but," I say dragging the u, my mom groans and her smile turns into a small frown," ill come back at 12 and also I don't want a puffy dress," I say looking her straight in the eye so she can see that I'm serious. "Okay and why would I give you a puffy dress those are like way back in the 40's and 50's," she says I slightly laugh," Okay so lets get started shall me," my mom says in a British voice I giggle and she sits me down in a my chair where the whole make-up station is.

"Are you done yet," I whine, I have been sitting here for looks like years but its only been an hour, I'm not those people that are patient if anything I am inpatient. "Stop your whining and yes we are finished you little baby," my mom says the last word sarcastically I just pout, she turns the chair around for myself to see my own reflect, the only thing I can say is," Is that really me?" I say amused and I gasp when I see my mom holding a beautiful dress, (Look at the picture below)




"Oh my gawd mom, that, that's beautiful," I say while standing up and walking towards the dress that my mom was holding," Well I used this when I first met your father in a ball, so I want you to wear it will mean so much to me if you wear it," my mom says, tears rolling down her cheek slowly, I wrap my arms around my mom to give her a comfortable hug.

"Of course I will wear it mom, anything for you," I say," Anyways its a masquerade so no one will notice you," she whispers to me, I just nod." Okay know shoo and go put it on but don't ruin your hair nor your make-up I work very hard," my mom says giving me a serious face and a warm smile.

I turn around to go to my bathroom that is attached to my bedroom, I open the door and close it and locking behind me making sure that my mom wont peek. I slowly put on the dress making sure that I don't ruin my hair and my make-up. When I finally put the dress on I see my reflection in the mirror, I don't even recognize my self but then when I see my eye an image pops up and everything around me goes black, the only thing I can see is a baby and their two parents looking scared, running in a white hall and then giving them to a nurse, they start to say something but I cant hear them. In a matter of seconds im back to reality and I'm panting with my hand on my heart.

"Honey is everything okay in there?" my mom says with a little bit of worried in her voice," Yes im fine its just that im amazed in how I look in this beautiful dress," I lie, I open the bathroom door, I see my mom and her eyes widen when she sees me. "Oh my gosh honey you look-,"my mom says but someone interrupts her," Beautiful," a familiar voice says, I turn around to find David standing there close to the door, he has a  dark gray dress shirt tucked in and over it is a pitch black blazer style jacket that is unbutton with some black regular skinny jeans, and I must say he looks hot.

I blush a little about the thought and about the fact that he called me beautiful," Thanks and I must say you look dashing this night," I say with a fake British accent, we both laugh," Okay honey here is your mask," my mom says while grabbing a mask that is all white with some purple sparkles around the edges with a string around it to hold it for me, my mom slowly puts the mask over my head, when she finishes she gasp and puts her  hand over her mouth," You look wonderful my daughter," she says while tears roll down her eyes, I walk towards her and give her a big hug." Mom thanks, and I love you," I whisper in her ear, she nods and gives me one last hug, we both separate from each other and I walk towards David, looping my arm around his. We both start to walk towards the front door, I quickly give my dad a big hug and a kiss on the cheek before entering David truck while he supports me making sure I don't fall because of my white glitter heel.

Before I close the door I wave good-bye to my parents, I close the door and face forward, driving off into the night.

Lets see what awaits me.


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