Not My Lover, But My Mate

Copyrights © 2014 All rights reserved.
Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


3. Chapter 3

We arrive to school, and I start to see some familiar faces and some new faces, my stomach starts to flop over," You will be fine, you have all the classes with me, except for one," David says holding my hand, I start to calm down a little bit.

David starts to open the door and his hands starts to leave mine and making me more and more nervous. I turn around to face the door, I start to grab the handle but then I let go, I put my hand again on the handle, and again I let go. David comes over and he starts to open the door, I sigh quietly. I start to get out of the truck, my feet touch the ground, I gulp loudly and I feel David grabbing my waist, trying to get me to let go off the door.

When I finally let go off the door, I grab my backpack and put it over my shoulder, David grabs my hand and holds it making me calm down a little bit again. We both start to walk to the entrance, and all eyes on me, this makes me more nervous and making me look to the ground. We walk into the school and all the memories flash in my head, the bullying, the insults, the torture, and the laugh. I start to feel sick and dizzy, the world around me starts to spin.

"Tory you okay?" David says with a worried tone, I just slowly nod my head. Guys start to look me up and down, and the slutty girls look at me with and evil look. I gulp, you can handle this Tory, you can handle this I say to myself. Next thing I know we are in the office," This is the new student, Victoria Rose," David tells the secretary, she has green eyes and bleach blonde hair, she looks about 20 or 21 years old, I see that she is flirting with David, gross!!, I almost gag but I hold it in, I see that David isn't paying that much attention to her.

When we finally get out of there, I make gagging noises," What is wrong with you?" David asked," Well didn't you see the secretary was flirting with you," I say, David just rolls his eyes," Whatever," he says and I start to laugh," So here is your locker," David says, I just nod and David starts to unlock my locker," Okay I know how to open it," I say to him, I close my locker and we head to our first class.

I sit in the second last row right next to David, I put my backpack next to the leg of my chair so no one can step on it, like they used to, I just sigh. The bell rings signaling that you are late to your class.

"Okay lets take attendance," the teacher says, I believe his name is Mr. Torres.

"Ana Rodriguez" he says.

"Here," the girl that is sitting in front of me says.

And then the list goes on and on.

"Victoria Rose," he says, and everyone starts to look around the room, I gulp.

"He-" I was about to say but I got interrupted, I got lucky. PHEW.

"Sorry im late," a familiar voice says, of course he is the person who bullied me the most, he was the person who tortured me the most, he was the person who laughed at me and insulted me the most. Its the one and only Nathan Carter. I almost threw up on Ana the girl in front of me.

"Take a sit Mr. Carter," said the teacher with annoyance on his voice, Nathan was with a slutty girl with his arms around her waist well actually her butt, I just roll my eyes, the slutty girl left Nathans grasp and went to sit with her slutty friends, and of course the only sit that wasn't taken was the one behind me.

I mentally curse Nathan. The class started but I actually didn't pay that much attention to it, I just got out a notebook and I started to draw something, something that was weird, a black wolf. Oh and I forgot to mention im a artist, and whatever comes to me I just draw it out, its like a sign a sign of something that will happen. I don't really know why this happens, I haven't even told my mom either.

The school day went by pretty fast, nothing happened at all, but only that Nathan was in all of my classes, he always sat behind me, and he will always stare at me for some particular reason. As I was walking threw the empty library to find out about the drawing thing that happens to me, then I feel that im slammed against a book shelf, oh my gawd! I try to scream but its no use, and the horrible thing is its a enemy from our pack.

As he was going to go up my shirt I see that he is off me in a matter of seconds, and its being beat up by someone. When he knocks the enemy unconscious, I walk towards him and I start to say thank you but then when he turns around I just freeze in place. 



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