Not My Lover, But My Mate

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Victoria is bullied, insulted and she has been tortured her whole life just because of her looks, body and height.
When she finally changes her appearance, boys find her attractive know, and she finds out more about her life that she never knew of.
But when she finds out who her mate is will she reject him or will she accept him?


14. Chapter 14

From this chapter and on, it is going to be about vampires and werewolves, I thought it will be a fun experiment to do, so if you are fans of vampires or werewolfs or even both you might enjoy this!!:)


~~I back away slowly, the image in front of me is just horrid to me, its him Axel as he claims to be, his face is more clear and less blurry finally showing his face, pale white vampire face, and I wont lie he is handsome." W-what do you want," I stutter out quietly, but since he has the ability to hear even the quietest whisper he heard me.

"Well, you know since we had our little talk, that I enjoyed very much," he says with a smirk making him look scarier and more attractive, I mentally slap myself at what I just said.

"I-I thought it was just one of those crazy dreams that I have," I say unbelievingly, I look behind him and see two more vampires, both of them wore a black v neck top, black skinny jeans and black combat boots that surely can kill someone, when they come a little bit closer I can see both faces clearly even though we are under huge trees that cover the sun light from us, anyways I squint my eyes and see that their freaking twins!! First time I have ever seen some since I really haven't been social with people only with David.

"Chris take the mother and carry her back to the castle and Matt you take the father," Axel commands, my eyes widen of the thought of them touching my parents.

I immediately stand up and run to my parents protecting them from being touched from the beast in front of me, I growl at them," Don't you dare touch my parents," I hiss out.

They both glare at me and then turn around to Axel to give them permission to get me out of the way that is what I assume, I only walks forward his black leather boots cracking the sticks below him, he then uses his speed ability, grabbing me in the process, I wiggle and send punches at his chest to let me go of his grasp but he wouldn't budge," Boys take the parents back to the castle, im going to take a little walk," he says smirking down at me, I turn around not wanting to meet his brown glazing eyes.

He starts to walk, but I don't fight back because I know that he wont let me go, and because he way to strong for a wolf like me," Why are you doing this," I ask, my voice a little shaky, he stays quiet not answering me,"  Dear little Victoria, there is still things that you don't know about yourself, and sometime, when I can trust you of not running away from me, I might tell you about the stuff you don't know," he says looking forward," What do you mean with that?" I ask a little bit confident of talking to him.

He shakes his head," Lets just say this involves your real parents," he says, my heart drops as he mentions about my real parents," You will tell me what happened to my parents?" I ask as if I couldn't believe what he was saying, he only nods, he looks down at me and smiles.

I look away, feeling warmness in my cheeks.

"Axel," I say, his grip starts to tighten as I say his name," Can you tell me why you want me so much? I mean at least tell me so I can trust you," I say, he stops and sits me down next to a tree. Even though he is a vampire and he is scary in my trees, I feel some connection towards him, something that I cant even describe, something I felt when I first saw my mate, Nathan.

I shake the thought away about the things since it included my mate, my wolf started to whimper, and I know she misses our mate, I sigh and look at Axel," Victoria, i have already told you this many times in the dreams," he says," yes, I know but why do you need me, im a wolf and your a vampire, something that is forbidden," I state, he nods and sighs," Victoria," he comes closer and sits next to me," I know this might be hard to process threw your head, but..." he pauses, I guess he is trying to find the right words to say to me," You have blood of a vampire," he says, I look at him like if he is crazy," Me, a vampire?" I say, I hold back the laughter, but it comes out anyways.

"Victoria this is serious, you have blood of a vampire, like your real father was, you mother was a wolf, both were royalty, anyways one day both of them went for a walk threw these woods, that's when they meet, they instantly fall in love and mate, but not knowing that they made a big mistake since your father was a vampire and your mother was a wolf, they weren't even mates but they felt the connection, soon enough both royalty families go into war, not only did they wanted to kill each other but they wanted to kill you, so then your mother had you and gave you to the orphanage and that's where I met you," he says, his eyes glowing from brown to red.

I open my mouth to talk but no words come out, I was to shocked that people wanted to kill me and that I was half vampire and half wolf, and my parents didn't leave me because they hated me, but because they love me," I-I don't know what to say," I stutter, still utterly shocked.

"And the best thing is, is that you are my mate," he says with lust.

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